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College Theme

Hearts Ablaze: One Flame, One Family

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The CJC Community is one blessed by God with a diversity of unique strengths, talents, and interests. With a mission of cultivating each CJCian to be a Thinker with a Mission, and Leader with a Heart, we strive to help every individual uncover their areas of passion, develop their diverse talents, and provide opportunities for all to excel in their academic and co-curricular pursuits. 

We place an importance on developing a strong sense of community, whereby students feel a sense of belonging to the CJ Family, experience a culture of care, and are engaged to lead, serve and work for a common good and shared purpose. In doing so, CJCians grow to be servant leaders with hearts ablaze, committed to serving in faith and with integrity.

In CJC, we value every CJCian, believing in their capacities to learn, and affirming their relentless pursuits to achieve and exceed their personal best. As a vibrant, united College family, we endeavour to foster an environment of positive and reflective education which empowers our students to develop their talents and aspirations to the fullest. We will scale new heights as one college family, guided by the College Flame, which highlights that the light of God, knowledge and wisdom will lead us in keeping the CJ Family together and building CJC to be a place of excellence in learning and living.