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Purchase of School Uniforms, PE Attire and Graphing Calculator

The sale of uniforms will take place on Monday, 1 Feb and Tuesday, 2 Feb. Incoming JC1 students will purchase their uniform and P.E. attire during designated timeslots arranged by Orientation Group. This schedule will be made known to you on Day 1. Students are reminded to bring exact change in cash for payment for the purchase of uniforms. Students are advised to buy 2 sets of school uniform, 2 sets of dress-down Polo Tee-shirts and 1 set of PE attire (tops and shorts) to start the year.

Exchange or purchase of additional attire: 

  • 4 Feb 2021,  9am to 3pm (15 slots per hour)

Uniform Cost:


Sale of Graphing Calculator:

Graphing Calculator by Texas Instruments - TI-84 Plus CE


Feb 16, 2021 (Tue) : 10am to 3pm 
Booth Venue : CJC Auditorium Extension 

$170/- per set inclusive of 7% GST. Price only valid at booth sales. 

Payment by cash in exact notes or by cheque to “Learning Interactive Pte Ltd" (state student name/class/drawee’s contact number on the reverse side of the cheque) 

Remember to collect “Record of Purchase” card upon purchase of GC.