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Subject Combination Registration


Please refer to the website via the link given below to guide you through the process of selecting your subject combination:
Namely, do take into consideration the following when deciding on your subject combination:
  • Your level of interest in the subjects
  • Your talents & aspirations
  • The University Prerequisites of your possible degree choices
  • Understand more by listening & speaking to your seniors and our Education & Career Guidance Counselor, Ms Saira (https://go.gov.sg/ecgcjc21)


The details of the subject combinations offered to all new students in 2021 are available on our college website: https://go.gov.sg/subject-information

This microsite also provides details of
  • College’s Signature Programmes
  • Department and Subject Information; including Microlesson(s) to give you an experience of the subject matter, complexity and learning approach of the subject 
Please study the requirements for each subject carefully so that you can make an informed choice on the most appropriate subject combination that can cater to your interests and aspirations.
Posting to a subject combination is subject to the student's knowledge and understanding of the relevant subject(s) at O-Level, the performance in the subject(s) and availability of vacancies.


As part of the orientation programme, we have scheduled a “Subject Selection Briefing” on 29 Jan to provide more information on the selection process and the subject choices to help you make an informed decision on your subject combination.

Please make your subject combination selection in consultation with your parents. You need to register your subject combination choices on the CJC Subject Registration System - Online Portal from 5.00 pm on 29 Jan (Friday) to 9.00 am on 1 Feb (Monday). You can refer to these slides to help you with selecting your subject combination. 

The subject combinations allocated to students will be released to all JC1s on 3 Feb. This is followed by the Matriculation period which allows students to begin their academic journey based on their allocated subject combination.


Following the subject selection exercise, students will begin attending lessons for their allocated subjects to get an understanding of the demands and expectations of the subjects in preparation for their GCE ‘A’ Level examinations during Matriculation Weeks. 

There will also be a Seniors Sharing session for JC1s to hear from their JC2 seniors who are taking similar subjects. The purpose is for the seniors to relate their experiences and share tips on how to succeed. There will also be a Q&A segment for the JC1s to find out more about the subjects. 

We hope that these programmes will help the JC1s make a well informed choice of subjects. Please note that requests to appeal to change subject combinations closes on 17 Feb, 5pm.