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40th Anniversary Mass

By Melissa Khoo

To commemorate CJC’s 40th anniversary this year, an Anniversary Mass was held on 31 January. In keeping with the Catholic tradition of our college, beginning the year-long celebration of CJ40 with a mass was  a perfectly fitting way to return to the college’s roots.

Celebrated by Archbishop William Goh, and accompanied by a choir of dedicated alumni members, the mass was attended by a full house of alumni, teachers, current students and religious, with the congregation filling up the entire auditorium. Before the service began, the congregation was treated to a special commemorative video chronicling CJC’s history from its inception in 1975 to the present day.  

During the Homily, Archbishop William Goh took the opportunity to deliver a passionate reminder of the importance of the college mission: In Veritate, et Caritate. He emphasised that CJC, so steeped in the powerful values of truth and love, gives every student who walks through its doors a sense of purpose and direction. His Grace also highlighted an additional benefit of the college mission: the gift of formation. In guiding and teaching others, we too are formed, learning more about ourselves and becoming better people in the process.

As the service drew to a close, Mr Gerard Lee, Chairman of the School Management Committee, took centre stage and spoke about the numerous changes to the college in its 40-year history, such as the college uniform and curriculum development, as well as areas where it has remained steadfast, such as its strong Christian focus.

The mass ended with a resounding rendition of the college song, followed by various photo-taking sessions, including one which included the entire congregation in one big group shot. May the further CJC ‘family reunions’ throughout the year be just as meaningful as the 40th Anniversary Mass. 

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