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Adjustments to Academic Calendar and National Examinations for 2020

With the national Circuit Breaker (CB) measures tightened and extended till 1 June, the Ministry of Education (MOE) has announced that the mid-year school holidays will be brought forward to 5 May (Tues), and ending on 1 June (Mon). 

Moving the holidays forward to May supports the national move to extend CB measures till June as we work together to stem the transmission of COVID-19 in Singapore.

The Adjusted Academic Calendar is as follows

Start DateEnd Date
Full Home-Based Learning8 April, Wed4 May, Mon
Mid-year School Holidays5 May, Tues1 June, Mon
Term 32 June, Tues6 Sept, Sun
Mid-term Break20 July, Mon26 July, Sun
September Holidays7 Sept, Mon13 Sept, Sun

  • The mid-year school holidays is from 5 May till 1 June.
  • Term 3 will start on 2 Jun (Tue). Term 3 will last for 14 weeks, ending on 6 Sep (Sun).
  • Schools will have an additional mid-term break from 20 July to 26 July.

Resulting from the adjusted academic calendar, more information on our College’s May holiday supplementary lessons and the revised assessment plan for students in Term 3 will be made available to students and parents at a later date. 

Rescheduling of GCE A-Level Mother Tongue Language Examinations

In view of the changes to the academic calendar, the Singapore Examination and Assessment Board (SEAB) will reschedule the mid-year Mother Tongue Language (MTL) Written Examinations as follows. SEAB will work with schools to put in place precautionary measures to protect the safety and well-being of students and examination personnel.

Subject Examined (Subject Codes)Original DateRescheduled Date
A-Level Mother Tongue Language for JC2s (Written Paper)
  • Chinese Language (8621/1)
  • Malay Language (8622/1)
  • Tamil Language (8623/1)

1 June 2020
8 a.m.
18 June 2020
Thursday, 2 p.m.
A-Level Mother Tongue Language B for JC2s (Written Paper)
  • Chinese B (8611/1 and 8611/2)
  • Malay B (8613/1 and 8613/2)
  • Tamil B (8614/1 and 8614/2)
2 June 2020
8 a.m.
19 June 2020
Friday, 2:30 p.m.
A-Level Listening Comprehension for JC1s and JC2s
A-Level Mother Tongue Language and A-Level Mother Tongue Language B
 22 July 2020
 27 July 2020

For the full list of A-level MTL exam dates for JC1 and JC2 students in 2020, please click on the PDF. The MTL examination dates for 2020 have been communicated to all students. 

A-Level MTL Exam Schedule 2020 for JC1s and JC2s.pdf

Removal of Common Last Topics

In light of the impact that the extended CB period has on curriculum time and to further allay students’ concerns and anxiety about catching up with the curriculum, the Common Last Topics (CLT) will be removed from the national examinations this year. The CLT is a set of topics from a syllabus identified by MOE that would be taught last by all schools towards the end of the academic year. Examples of CLT to be removed include “Introduction to the Chemistry of Transition Elements" for A-Level H2 Chemistry. For skills-based subjects such as English Language and MTL, it will not be meaningful and practical to identify CLTs.  In such instances, SEAB will take the disruption to curriculum time into consideration during marking and grading to ensure that all students are fairly assessed. The list of CLT topics for each subject will be communicated to students by their subject tutors.

The College will continue to support the learning of students and put in place measures at the school level during the May holidays and Semester 2 to help students cope with the reduced curriculum time and the demands of the national A-Level examinations and year-end school-based examinations.

Rescheduling and Decentralisation of Final Examinations for H3 subjects taught by Autonomous Universities

The national examinations for GCE A-Level H3 subjects that are taught by the local Autonomous Universities (AUs) will be rescheduled to take place only after the end of the full HBL period:

H3 AU Taught ProgrammeOriginal DateRescheduled DateRescheduled Timing
SMU Game Theory25 April 202028 May 2020
2:00 to 5:00 p.m.
NUS Geopolitics: Geographies of War and Peace30 April 202028 May 20202:00 to 4:00 p.m.
NTU Semiconductor Physics and Devices 11 May 2020 28 May 20202:00 to 4:30 p.m. 
NTU Molecular Biology12 May 2020 28 May 2020 2:00 to 4:30 p.m. 

The national examinations for these H3 programmes will be decentralised at the respective junior colleges' campuses. Our J2 students offering these H3 programmes will be sitting for their examination on 28 May in CJC. We will implement the necessary precautionary measures to ensure the safety and well-being of all students and examination personnel.