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Distinguished Speakers Series 2022

By Alexandria Ee (2T24)


On 19 April, JC1 students attended a dialogue session at CJC’s Performing Arts Centre with Mr Lawrence Anderson—a Senior Fellow at the S Rajaratnam School of International Studies, and a former Singapore ambassador to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Kingdom of Cambodia. Mr Anderson spoke insightfully about how small states like Singapore can survive and even thrive in an increasingly divided and hostile world. He also shared about the principles that undergird Singapore’s foreign policy, and the necessary trade-offs that must be made to safeguard Singapore’s national security. The J1 students left the dialogue session with a more nuanced and well-informed understanding of the processes behind policy-making. 


The student emcees moderating the dialogue session with Mr Lawrence Anderson

 A JC1 student posing a question to Mr Anderson


 Minister Edwin Tong giving his speech to the JC2s

The JC2 students had the privilege of attending a dialogue session with Mr Edwin Tong, Minister for Culture, Community, and Youth and Second Minister for Law on 15 August. Minister Tong shared candidly about his time as a junior college student, and also the challenges that Singapore will face in the future. He also touched on topical issues such as inclusivity, our increasing cost of living and the various pathways to attain success.

During the much-awaited question and answer segment of the dialogue session, our JC2s were given the opportunity to step up to ask Minister Tong their burning questions on issues they felt strongly about such as our education system and the marginalised in our society. Minister Tong helped the students understand these issues from the standpoint of the government, and this made for a robust discussion. 

Minister Edwin Tong receiving a token of appreciation from Mrs Phyllis Lim, Principal 

As the dialogue session came to a close, Minister Tong gave our JC2s some compelling food for thought: “Think about the opportunities to be in a society, to be in a community, because only then can we enhance our appreciation for what makes us special and uniquely Singaporean.” Our JC2 students gained valuable lessons on the importance of unity and the need to care for everyone in society regardless of race, language or religion.


In Veritate et Caritate