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E-Learning Day for all JC1s, 26 July 2019

All JC1s will have their E-Learning Day on Friday, 26 July 2019. The JC1 Parent-Teacher Conference (PTC) is held on the same day from 8am to 4pm. JC1s are not required to report to school that day but they are expected to accompany their parents/guardians to the college for PTC at the time-slot that they have selected.

E-Learning activities have been scheduled for all H2 subjects and H1 General Paper and students are expected to manage their own time to complete the E-Learning activities. The activities take about an hour each, at most, to be completed. For a list of the E-Learning activities for each subject, go to:


E-Learning Activities 2019.jpg

FAQs for students are available on:


E-Learning FAQs 2019.jpg

You may write in to catholic_jc@moe.edu.sg if you have queries regarding E-Learning Day 2019.