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World Philosophy Day 2019

CJC World Philosophy Day Essay Writing Competition - 2019

NOTE: This competition is open to all current JC1 Students who have completed their Promotional Examinations, and outgoing JC2s students; 

Organized in celebration of - World Philosophy Day, 21st November, 2019;                          The contemporary philosopher, Anthony Grayling, believes that philosophy should play a useful role in society and public policy (not just in academia).  

A philosophy essay by its very nature involves critical thinking, logical reasoning (from premises to conclusion), and conceptual analysis skills – as critical thinking and rational argumentation are characteristic methods of philosophical inquiry.

Write an essay in response to ONE of the following questions:

1’Growing up is more a matter of courage than knowledge.’ Critically assess this view.

2 Critically assess the value of making an apology in 21st century society.

3 Is space colonization of other planets necessary for the future survival of human civilization?

4 ‘What we can know, and what we can understand is so influenced by our location in time.’ Critically assess this view.

5 Climate change is priority number one – what’s to be done?

Guidelines and requirements for writing your Philosophy Essay:

Length of Essay: At least 800 to 1500 words (feel free to exceed if need be);

Your essay is an argumentative defense of your adopted Thesis – in which the thesis is clearly stated, explained and analyzed; arguments are rationally presented in support of the thesis; possible objections (counter-arguments) are fairly considered, objectively evaluated, and rationally refuted.

Your philosophical essay thus has five component parts:

1) The effective formulation of a Thesis – stated clearly in the introduction;                                         

2) Arguments (reasons and evidence) set out in support and defense of Thesis

3) Careful critical consideration and evaluation of counter-arguments and counter-examples (objections to Thesis);

4) Refutation of counter-arguments / objections;  

5) Effective conclusion – final thoughts / closing remarks;

Submit your essay in hard copy as a - word document - Times New Roman, font size 12;

Indicate on a cover page: Name in full; Identity Number, and Tutorial Group;

Declaration with signature that – ‘This essay is my own work’ (not plagiarized);

Submission Date: Friday 10th January, 2020.

Teacher-in-Charge: Mr. David L Fahy (Senior Teacher), English Department, CJC