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World Philosophy Day 2021

CJC World Philosophy Day Essay Writing Competition - 2021

NOTE: The annual CJC philosophy essay writing competition is open to all promoted JC1 students and all graduating JC2 students;                                                                              Organized in celebration of - World Philosophy Day, 18th November, 2021;                                                                                                                                                          

The contemporary philosopher, Anthony Grayling, believes that philosophy should play a useful role in society and public policy (not just in academia).  

A philosophy essay by its very nature involves critical thinking, logical reasoning and conceptual analysis skills – as critical thinking and rational argumentation are characteristic methods of philosophical inquiry and analysis.

Write an essay in response to ONE of the following questions:

1) People calling themselves GINKs (Green Inclination, No Kids) – claim we should forgo parenthood because of concerns about the future existence of children on a burning planet. Critically assess this viewpoint.   

2) How, in your opinion, can we effectively combat the problem posed by conspiracy theories in today’s world? 

3) ‘There are jobs nobody would ever miss. This would include even highly paid jobs in finance and real estate. An effectively functioning society needs to do away with purposeless work.’ Critically assess this perspective.

4) The greatest of all existential threats to humanity over the next century: Artificial Intelligence – given its destructive potential.  Critically assess.

5) To ensure the continuation of human flourishing in the 21st century and beyond we need to change our human nature by gene-editing the human genome (notably through the potential use of the gene editing tool CRISPR (clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats). Critically assess this perspective.


Guidelines and requirements for writing your Philosophy Essay:

Length of Essay: At least 800 to 1500 words (feel free to exceed if need be);

Your essay is an argumentative defense of your adopted Thesis – in which the thesis is clearly stated, explained and analyzed; arguments are rationally presented in support of the thesis; possible objections (counter-arguments) are fairly considered, objectively evaluated, and rationally refuted.

Your philosophical essay thus has five component parts:

1) The effective formulation of a Thesis – stated clearly in the introduction;                                         

2) Arguments (reasons and evidence) set out in support and defense of Thesis

3) Careful critical consideration and evaluation of counter-arguments and counter-examples (objections to Thesis);

4) Refutation of Counter-arguments / Objections and Replies;  

5) Effective conclusion – final thoughts / closing remarks;

Submit your essay in hard copy as a - word document - Times New Roman, font size 12;

Indicate on a cover page: Name in full; Identity Number, and Tutorial Group;

Declaration, with signature that – ‘This essay is my own work’;

Submission Date: Friday 14th January, 2022.

Teacher-in-Charge: Mr. David L Fahy, English Department, CJC