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CJC Delegation brings home 7 wins at the Harvard Model Congress Asia 2018

On 4-8 January 2018, members of the Political Science Society and CJCians embarked on a journey to Hong Kong to participate in the prestigious Harvard Model Congress Asia (HMCA). 

In this iteration of HMCA, over 600 delegates from around 80 schools converged at the internationally renown Hong Kong University to work together, and address a broad spectrum of challenges facing the governments, institutions, and populations world-wide. At HMCA, students were tasked to discuss contemporary issues; draft policy papers; come to a consensus with regards to the passing of bills and resolutions; report on timely news stories; and rule on landmark court cases, all under the keen guidance of students from Harvard University.

The CJC delegation faced stiff competition from the other countries’ delegates but they persevered, competed bravely and CJC bagged a total of 7 awards. Shaun Song (2T04) and Vivek Thomas (2T10) achieved the Best Delegate Award for their work in the Historical Committee and the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) respectively. 5 students-- Miriam Saguda (2T01), Thomas Yang (2T17), Zane Siak (2T02), Lee Shu Ping (2T02), and Raksana Ayub (2T20)-- achieved an Honourable Mention for their efforts in the UNHRC, European Union, Fifa and Media Council respectively. 

It was certainly a team effort for the entire CJC Delegation: countless hours were spent doing research, bouncing ideas off each other, and crafting position papers. Throughout the trip, the participant's passion for learning and interest in global affairs was certainly evident, and they have come out of it emboldened to tackle the challenges of tomorrow.