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CJC launches House Shields and House Patrons at Commencement Ceremony 2018

Text By: Amanda Pei (2T27)

On 27 February 2018, CJC formally welcomed the JC1s into the college community through the Commencement Ceremony. This year, the House Patrons and Shields of CJC’s four Houses-- Albert, Joseph, Michael, and Patrick House-- were launched during the Commencement Ceremony.

At the start of the ceremony, we had the honour of welcoming our Guest of Honour - His Grace, Archbishop William Goh - to preside over our ceremony. Our principal, Mrs Phyllis Lim then took to the stage to give the opening ceremony. In her speech, the Principal extended a warm welcome to the J1s and emphasised on what it meant to be part of the CJC community. She then proceeded to explain the various House Shields and House Patrons. She also underscored the values that the House Patrons exemplified as what CJCians should aspire to embody. Everyone in the Auditorium, JC1s and JC2s alike, listened with rapt attention to the rich history of CJC’s House system, which dated back to 1979. 


After the Principal’s speech, His Grace Archbishop William Goh blessed the House Shields, praying that these shields will protect and guide CJCians into developing themselves as Thinkers with a Mission, Leaders with a Heart. Following that, His Grace led the school in a prayer offering his blessings to the seniors for the upcoming examinations and to the juniors for embarking on a new milestone in their lives. 

Finally came the tradition and highlight of the event - the pinning of the collar pin by JC2s. It was a sight to behold, as the JC2 seniors pinned the college pin onto the collar of the JC1 juniors, just as their seniors had done for them the year before. Warm handshakes were exchanged as the JC2 seniors heartily welcomed their juniors into CJC. Spirits were high as the everyone sang the college anthem as one CJC family, signalling the end of the ceremony.

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