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Our Schools, Our Stories 2018 - Congratulations to Mr Kuang Kim Chun!

A photo series taken by our very own Mathematics tutor, Mr Kuang Kim Chun, has been awarded the Best Photo Story Award for the MOE Staff Category in the "Our Schools, Our Stories 2018" competition organised by the Ministry of Education. 

Themed 'Priceless Moments', this photo story is a feature on our college's annual milestone student-led event, Rockafella. Rockafella showcased the student council's competent leadership and organizational skills. It also provided the teachers with a platform to inspire the student body with the joy of learning beyond the classroom, within the realm of musical pursuits. CJC is a vibrant community full of talented individuals who aim to live life to the fullest, seeking excellence in both learning and living. 'Priceless Moments' depicts one such example and how our teachers are committed to living out the college's vision.

"My colleagues who formed the teachers band are great role models for our students, embodying the true spirit of entrepreneurial dare; they are passionate in their love for music and are willing to take risks of exposing their own imperfections and vulnerabilities onstage. Although I have no talent in the musical realm, I would also like to inspire the students in my own way, through the lens of my camera," says Mr Kuang.  

Come on down to the various locations till 31 December 2018 to view 'Priceless Moments', which will be a part of a photo exhibition of 27 winning entries!

MOE HQ - 1 to 5 Aug
Woodlands Regional Library - 6 to 26 Aug
Academy of Singapore Teachers - 27 Aug to 30 Oct
Bugis+ Mall - 17 to 30 Sep
Jurong Regional Library - 1 to 30 Nov
Tampines Regional Library - 1 to 31 Dec