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CJC’s Project Work A-Level Results 2018

Congratulations to the Class of 2019 for their good performance for the 2018 Project Work A-Level examination. Project Work is a one year A-Level course work subject that trains students with important 21st century skills such as team work, critical thinking and communication. Having a growth mindset encourages students to take challenges in their stride and make use of each learning opportunity to move beyond their comfort zones. The interdisciplinary nature of the subject engages students to immerse themselves in the real world to investigate and solve problems based in Singapore.

Mrs Phyllis Lim, the Principal of CJC, celebrates the achievements of the Class of 2019. “Our students’ tenacity, hard work and determination demonstrates their commitment to excel in Project Work together as a team. They have proven that when they set their hearts and minds on a goal, they will achieve it! The college congratulates the Class of 2019 on their results and we would like to encourage our J2s to stay focussed on their dreams and hopes in preparing for the rest of the A-Levels. We give thanks to God for His blessings on our students and staff.”

The college celebrates the outstanding Project Work results of these CJCians:
2T03 website.jpg

From left to right: Raelyn Kok Yan Ting, Wan Yoke Chun Shaena, Aloysius Tristian Ko Albuquerque, and Berlyn Francesca Phua Qiqi, 2T03. Not in picture: Patricia Choo Ying Jie.

The group from 2T03: Raelyn, Shaena, Aloysius, Berlyn and Patricia, were dedicated to the project from the start and motivated each other to be targeted and focussed. They complemented each other’s strengths and were open to accepting constructive feedback so as to improve – traits of a growth mindset. Explained Shaena, “we looked out for each other and I asked my team mates to select the areas they would like to work on as that would leverage their strengths most naturally. A tip for our juniors: be flexible as there would be several changes to your drafts. Be constantly open to ideas from others as they may be better than yours!” Another member of the group, Aloysius, echoed Shaena’s sentiments and said that having a positive mindset is crucial since it “helps to improve your flaws as you are learning from one another and also helping others when they need that extra bit of support. This is what team work is about.”

2T29 website.jpg

From left to right: Faruuq Ahmad, Michelle Pang, Valarie Tan and Kaung Khant Nyar, 2T29.

The group consisting Faruuq, Michelle, Valarie and Kaung Khant Nyar overcame initial teething issues of getting used to each other’s working styles and expectations in terms of sharing the work. Taking the initiative to resolve a communication issue, Kaung shares, ‘I wanted to ensure that we talked about the problems we were facing and catch up on the work that we had to do. So we discussed and decided on a comprehensive work plan and committed to it.’ Added Valarie, the Group Leader, “we agreed to set aside time on weekends to work together and sometimes went beyond the scheduled hours because we were driven to make it better. All of us contributed equally to the project as we wanted to do well and in this sense, we are leaders in our own right.”

2T35 website.jpg

From left to right: Feline Gozal, Wang Haomin, Neo Xin Hui Hannah, Maxine Ho Pei Wen, Ng Le Yang Owen, and Cindy Clara, 2T35.

Having a close-knit class helped the group when preparing for the Oral Presentations since it made offering and receiving constructive feedback from each other that much easier. Feline, Haomin, Hannah, Maxine, Owen and Cindy were equally effusive when crediting their success to the positive environment in 2T35. Owen remarked that, “we were comfortable enough to point out each other’s mistakes so we could improve on them. Our class is so close that we often did our projects together!” However, the group advised against conducting discussions online as that may be more counter-productive than if you were to meet face-to-face. The group felt that setting aside time to come together as a group and staying focussed were the key factors for their success.

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