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Eugene Ng, Class of 2016, is NSF of the Year 2019

Eugene Ng Zhi Wei, Class of 2016, has won the prestigious Full-Time National Servicemen (NSF) of the Year 2019 awarded by the Singapore Army. This honour is presented to outstanding Full-time National Servicemen who demonstrated professionalism, leadership and exemplary conduct during their National Service (NS). The college is proud of Eugene Ng and sends our heartiest congratulations to him. Eugene shares his thoughts on winning this Award:

‘I am really thankful for receiving the prestigious NSF of the Year award. Before enlisting, I was, like many others, dreading the two years of National Service. After completing my Specialist Cadet School training as a Military Policeman and going to my unit in Gombak Base however, I wanted to make full use of my time there and not just waste the 22 months away. When opportunities came, I seized them. With my knowledge in video production, I helped my unit come up with new videos to aid in some of the training. I also helped to revamp the accreditation processing system to be more efficient and up-to-date and did this with the trust and support of my commanders. Not only was I serving alongside my comrades in the unit, I also joined my formation, the SAF Military Police Command, in the OCBC Cycle 2018 with other NSFs and regulars. Another highlight of my NS stint was the opportunity to participate in Exercise Wallaby 2018 in Australia and be part of an overseas SAF exercise. I am grateful for having had all these opportunities and experiences and I have so many stories to tell from these events – all of which happened because I was not afraid to step up and make full use of whatever was presented to me.

However, I did not always have this mindset. When I first entered CJC, I was more comfortable sticking with what I knew and kept to myself, always too afraid to try new things. Throughout J1, I gained greater confidence in myself and with the encouragement of my friends and teachers, I started to try new things and stepped out of my comfort zone. I formed a new band with people whom I barely knew and we decided to try out for Rockafella – we even won 2nd place! On top of that, I also signed up to be an Orientation Group Leader and forged many new friendships. It was through these two key events that my mindset started to change and helped me leave CJC a better person than when I first entered. NS brought that growth and development even further. Receiving this award today, I would like to thank my alma mater for nurturing me into the person I am today, for it was the many experiences in my two years in Catholic Junior College that have had the most impact in building my character.’

In veritate et caritate