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JC2 Graduation Ceremony                                     

CJC’s annual graduation ceremony on 11 October 2019 marked a milestone in the journey of this year’s graduating cohort. Feeling nostalgia for their schooldays, the JC2s were in a reflective mood as they looked back on their shared experiences in CJC. But in the spirit of this year’s theme – Hearts Ablaze: Dream, Believe, Achieve – the JC2s were also prompted to draw on these experiences and be imbued with renewed hope to continue their journey with purpose and conviction.

Through the screening of heartfelt messages dedicated to the JC2s at the outset of the ceremony, the cohort saw their Home Tutors, Subject Tutors and CCA teachers rally together to form a formidable support network, and as much as this caring companionship has sustained them thus far amidst hardships, they can rely on the same for the remainder of their journey towards the A-Level examinations. Likewise, the presentation of the class creation pieces by every class in the cohort was a reminder of how their support network extends to the Home Tutorial class and House they belong to in CJC.

Thereafter, the Principal, Mrs Phyllis Lim, recounted the cohort’s collective contributions to the College and the wider community, underscoring the message that the values and sense of mission inculcated in the JC2s that enabled them to have such impact will stand them in good stead in the future, provided that they apply themselves individually and work together towards common aims. This was reaffirmed by the Guest of Honour and alumnus Ms Elizabeth Tan (Class of 2003), who took obvious pride in living out the College motto, In Veritate et Caritate, by reassuring the graduating cohort that failure is a formative experience, and encouraging them to courageously negotiate the challenges and opportunities of the seemingly uncertain and tumultuous journey ahead. Thankfully, with God as our refuge in these circumstances, the needs of the JC2 cohort were upheld in prayer in a service conducted by the College Chaplain, Father Gregory Tan.

Next, the celebratory atmosphere went up a notch as awards were presented to recognise student contributions to College achievements and College life. Besides the awards for the Sports and Performing Arts CCAs that have done CJC proud in recent competitions, certificates were also presented to recognise the dedication of key student leaders, including the Sports Leaders and Home Tutorial Councillors, who play a significant role in the Home Tutorial class and House system in CJC. Subsequently, various prizes were given out to the Home Tutorial classes that have an outstanding academic, discipline, and community service record. This segment of the prize presentation was met with great enthusiasm, which is testament to the success of the Home Tutorial system in developing a supportive class culture focused on achieving more together.

Adding to the numerous accolades that afternoon was a special award given by the College and Singapore Management University (SMU) to Papattarada Apithanangsiri from 2T35. Papattarada was an H3 Game Theory student with SMU and the award, ‘Computing@SMU Award 2019,’ was given in recognition of her stellar academic achievements and her keen interest in Computing and Mathematics.

Another highlight of the graduation ceremony was the valedictorian speeches by Ronan Siah (2T04) and PJ Anthony (2T09), representing the Arts and Science cohorts respectively. Boasting a remarkable academic, extracurricular and leadership track record, both valedictorians stood out for their unwavering pursuit of excellence in the face of challenges, the ability to capitalize on the CJC programme to spur on personal growth, and their embodiment of the mission-oriented values CJC stands for.

As the ceremony drew to a close, a thoughtfully curated video montage, a gift from CJC’s Film, Sound and Video Society to the graduating cohort, brought back good memories of the time spent as a Home Tutorial class. This was in addition to the timely gift by CJC’s Parent Support Group, namely, exam welfare packs for the JC2s. Thereafter, in accordance with tradition, the Home Tutors pinned the graduation college pins for each student, taking the opportunity to give parting words of advice and express their hopes for and confidence in the JC2s. They also received an additional boost through handwritten notes of encouragement and congratulations by the JC1 batch, which were twined around candles each JC2 student received. Finally, the College flame was passed to each student, representing the light of God guiding each student in their journey, and the values and beliefs CJC stands for that set alight the desire to journey with purpose and conviction. Jubilant voices marked the end of the ceremony, as the graduating cohort sang the closing hymn, We are Called, and the college anthem, pledging to keep the flame burning brightly.

In veritate et caritate