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Making All Things New As One CJC Community

The College commemorated the Season of Lent in a variety of ways this year through its Lenten Project, spearheaded by the Catholic Activities (CA) Wing of the 44th Student Council. The theme of this year’s Lenten Project was ‘Make All Things New’. As Lent comes from an old English word that means ‘Spring’, this year’s Lenten Project aimed to invite members of the CJ Community to work towards the renewal of their spiritual lives as well as the relationships with others. The Lenten Project also aimed to invite the rest of the college community to reflect on the call to do good to those around them.

The Season of Lent began with a reflection delivered by Fr. Gregory Tan, SJ, our College Chaplain. He explained the significance of lent and invited the college to renew their relationships with God and the people around them during the season of Lent. 

A Lenten Booth was also set up in the Foyer to explain the significance of Lent as well as its spiritual practices. There were also interactive elements like the Lenten offering board, which provided a platform for members of the CJC community to pledge their Lenten sacrifices. 

Throughout the season of Lent, the CA wing also invited staff and students to participate in an instaLENT reflection activity. Participants were asked to submit photographs and captions depicting what Lent means to them. These entries were then uploaded on the CJ.Veritas Instagram account, to be shared with various members of the College Community. In terms of liturgical and devotional prayer, the College hosted an Ash Wednesday Mass to mark the start of lent and also a Stations of the Cross session. 

The climax of the Lenten Project was the Lenten Evening held on the 12th of April. During the evening, the more than 100 participants were invited to come before the Lord with their strengths and weaknesses, and surrender themselves to His gracious love, forgiveness and grace. The Program featured an Evangelical Dance choreographed by Emma Ng from the Class of 2018, Praise and Worship led by Office of Young People, Reflections on the Way of the Cross, Intercessory Prayer and the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

The Lenten Project concluded with a session which consisted of a paraliturgy of the Washing of the Feet and the celebration of Mass during Holy Week on 16th April. This session, attended by all JC1 and 2 Religious Education Programme Students, featured the symbolic act of the washing of feet by the College Chaplain, Teachers and Students. This was also accompanied by a Scriptural meditation of the scene of the Passover led by College Chaplain, Rev. Fr. Gregory Tan, SJ. This allowed participants to reflect on Jesus’ commandment for us to love one another as he has loved us.

“The washing of the feet to me represents love and leadership. The act made me reflect about the overflowing amount of love Jesus has for everyone of us, and how he portrayed servant leadership by serving his disciples. This reminds me that I too, should follow in the footsteps of Jesus and continue to love and serve others, like Jesus has said, I have set you an example that you should do as I have done for you.” Rachel Teo, 2T04

“When I first saw the washing of the feet by Father Greg to the teachers and how he gave a peck to their foot, I am able to reflect and imagine clearly on how Jesus had a lot of love and care for each of his disciple and to each of us. That period made me realise that with so much care He has for us, I know that I'm not alone and I should remember the infinite love He has for each of us. I tend to forget that He is right by my side and question His presence, but after experiencing the washing of feet I am able to realise that He is there and had plans for us and He will not leave us alone in the dark.” Anika Anya, 2T13

“To see the washing of feet happening was quite a sobering affair. After all, it is not every day you see your chaplain kneel down to wash the feet of others. However, it also brought the realisation that, in the eyes of God, everyone is equal and everyone can give and receive love. That's truly a beautiful thing that we can sometimes lose sight of.” Jorell Tan, 2T29

These factors came together to bring forth a meaningful Lenten journey that further develops spirituality in our college community.