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CJC celebrates her 45th Anniversary

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Catholic Junior College (CJC), founded in 1975, celebrates 45 years of building generations of CJCians in truth and love this year. The College was first conceptualised in 1971 and the idea was brought to fruition when then Minister of Education, Dr Lee Chiaw Meng, laid the foundation stone for the building in 1974. Since 1975, more than 30,000 students have passed through her gates, ‘perched on a hill above the busy hum of Whitley Road’, and she continues to produce alumni who serve Singapore and beyond with distinction and fervour.

Mrs Phyllis Lim, Principal of CJC, said, ‘over the past 45 years, we have educated thousands of committed and outstanding CJCians who live out our motto “In Truth and Love” and who have gone on to lead and serve both in Singapore and globally.  Our rich history and tradition, strong ethos, and achievements have instilled in us the passion and dedication to develop a range of rigorous educational programmes that provide our students with a holistic education that illuminates the heart, mind, body and spirit.  Our mission, to be Thinkers with a Mission and Leaders with a Heart, underscores our deep belief in nurturing students to be thinkers and leaders who uphold integrity and are driven by the desire to lead, serve and make a positive impact in the lives of those around them.’

Associate Professor Patrick Tseng, Chairman of CJC’s School Management Committee, echoes the call to rally and lead the CJC community. He adds, “Every student who enters the College is a valued member of the CJC family and stands to experience the unique CJC way in which we develop students holistically. The Management Committee and I are proud and privileged to work with Mrs Lim and the college to carry on the tremendous CJC tradition and to pass the flame on to future generations of CJCians.’

CJC thanks God, our Father, for His providence; our gratitude also extends to staff, students, alumni, religious priests, brothers and sisters, parents and members of the CJC community for all they have given, and continue to give, selflessly and tirelessly to take the College to where it is today.

A thanksgiving video on the occasion of the college's 45th anniversary was produced by the Student Council's Catholic Activities Wing, Veritas, and can be viewed here.

In Veritate et Caritate

To read Mrs Phyllis Lim’s message for 2020, click on https://cjc.moe.edu.sg/about/principals-message

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