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In Loving Memory - Mrs Yvangel Thio Ying Ying (1961 - 2020)

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We mourn the passing of our former CJCian and former member of the CJC School Management Committee (SMC), Mrs Yvangel Thio Ying Ying, who passed away on 20 January 2020. Mrs Thio graduated from CJC in 1979 and was a senior partner and head of litigation with K C Partnership. She had six children with Dr Bernard Thio, who is also an alumnus of CJC. A strong advocate for couples and family life, Mrs Thio served tirelessly with the Couple Empowerment Programme and started the programme with Dr Thio in their parish. In addition to her work and responsibilities, Mrs Thio found time to contribute towards her alma mater, CJC, as an SMC member from 2007 to 2019.

A staunch and passionate former member of the SMC, she promoted the deepening and growing of the Catholic Ethos in CJC. Mrs Thio invited inspiring speakers from the Catholic Theological Institute of Singapore (CTIS) to share their faith and knowledge with the Catholic community here in CJC. Staying true to our college motto, Mrs Thio spoke with verity whenever it was needed and was always ready with love, especially when faced with a difficult situation. A force of positive change, Mrs Thio sought always to give God the glory, content to labour silently and offering all in perfection.

During her tenure as a SMC member, Mrs Thio was instrumental in the refreshing of the college crest in 2013. Not only was Mrs Thio involved in the articulation of the new college mission in 2011, she epitomised it - to be a Thinker with a Mission and a Leader with a Heart. Mrs Thio received the Thinker with a Mission, Leader with a Heart award in 2017 in recognition of 13 years of dedicated service to the college.

The CJC family will miss our shining alumnus, our loving sister with the ever ready smile. We commend her to God, for whom she strove always to be with and whose face of love she showed always.

We send our deepest condolences to Dr Bernard Thio and family.

In Veritate et Caritate