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JC1 End of Year Ceremony

Written by Andrea Lim, 1T03; Elyse Ang, 1T05; and Elena Choong, 1T24.

On 29 October 2020, Catholic Junior College (CJC) commemorated its annual JC1 Thanksgiving Ceremony in the students’ respective homerooms virtually, due to Safe Management Measures emplaced for Covid-19.

The day began with students penning down their reflections for the year and words of affirmation to their future selves. These letters were then collected for safekeeping and will be returned to students at their graduation next year. This is a long-standing tradition of the college - one that guides students to be self-aware, to reflect and look inward, and set tangible commitments for growth. This personal developmental process is one that characterises the CJC experience.

Our Principal, Mrs Phyllis Lim, opened the ceremony by giving thanks to God, reflecting on the milestones of the academic year with events such as the CJ Food Drive by the JC1 GROW students, Racial Harmony Day, and the collective contributions of the CJ Family for the CJ45 mural. She emphasised that though Covid-19 had brought forth many challenges, the college has shown its resilient spirit in overcoming the hurdles as one CJ Family. Mrs Lim commended the innovative ways in which the JC1 cohort executed their Local Service Learning Projects (LSLP) this year. 1T11, in particular, was awarded the ‘Most Innovative LSLP’ prize while 1T21 earned a special mention for their resourcefulness in implementing their mental health fundraising campaign with Calvary Community Care.

Father Gregory Tan, SJ, our College Chaplain, then led the college in prayer, highlighting the importance of moral support and gratitude. Following which, our 46th Student Council President, Eli Adam Stewart, 1T07, presented a token of appreciation to Mdm Yvette Yeow, a member of the Parents Support Group (PSG), to express our gratitude for their encouragement and support. Eli, and Maria Josephine Orell, 1T03, the House Captain of Albert House, also shared their reflections for the year. A commemorative video montage created by the Film, Sound and Video (FSV) Society brought the ceremony to a close, serving once again as a poignant visual reminder of the year’s events, leaving both the JC1s and their teachers reflective and grateful for the academic year that had passed.