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JC2 Graduation Ceremony – "Hearts Ablaze – One Flame One Family"

Although the circumstances in which the JC 2s graduated from Catholic Junior College (CJC) were quite different from how they experienced Orientation in 2019, our students and staff rose to the occasion and marked a meaningful and at times, poignant, ceremony for this year’s graduating cohort on 9 October 2020. The theme for the ceremony, ‘Hearts Ablaze – One Flame One Family’, served as a reminder for the graduands to draw upon their strengths and growth mindset to forge a future as CJCians.

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(House Captains presenting the class creation showcases comprising pieces contributed by every JC 2 class.)

The day’s celebrations kicked off with students sharing heartfelt messages to affirm and thank their classmates and tutors for being part of their JC journey, and the reflective moment segued to the video montage featuring the Class of 2020 from the moment they reported to college in 2019, to bidding a fond farewell to the college. The montage is an annual project thoughtfully put together by the Film, Sound, and Video Society and is a labour of love for the college, as were the class creation showcases put together with contributions from every JC 2 class.

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(Mrs Phyllis Lim, Principal, addressing the graduating class of 2020.)

Mrs Phyllis Lim, Principal, CJC, acknowledged the challenging times we are in and exhorted the cohort to use their collective strengths and leadership experiences to pull themselves and each other through and stand united as one CJC Family. In fact, every member of the college has rallied round to support each other – staff and student alike – through these uncertain and anxious times, often going over and beyond what we thought we were able to do, to walk an extra mile with each other. These bonds and precious memories encourage every CJCian to be Thinkers with a Mission, and Leaders with a Heart.

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(Guest-of-Honour Dr Reuben Ng, Class of 1999, speaking to the Class of 2020.)

Building upon Mrs Lim’s message to serve others and to make society a better place, the Guest-of-Honour and alumnus for this year’s Graduation Ceremony, Dr Reuben Ng (Class of 1999), spoke of the need to remain aware of social issues and to ‘stay woke’. Dr Ng also shared about the importance of knowing one’s purpose in life as he himself took some time to discern his own purpose. Set against the backdrop of an ageing population and a longer lifespan in Singapore and in many countries, Dr Ng introduced ‘YOLO+’ to our students - a concept to live life meaningfully, delay gratification by working hard when young, and to enjoy the fruits of our labour later as we chart the uncertain waters ahead.

The valedictorians representing the Arts and Science cohorts respectively, Jolene Tan (2T05) and Nyan Lin Htet (2T32), have a deep passion for learning and radiate positivity in the face of challenges. Their excellent academic and co-curricular achievements often serve as inspiration and encouragement to their peers, and their steadfast commitment to serve the community demonstrates the values and Catholic ethos of our college. Following the speeches made by the valedictorians, the prize for Most Outstanding Contribution from a home class was presented to 2T25 by Mrs Poon Wai Chin, Vice Principal Academic. 2T32 won the prize for Most Outstanding Home Class, a prize that recognises the outstanding academic achievements and overall holistic development – a hallmark of the CJC educational experience, of a JC 2 class. Mrs Phyllis Lim, Principal, presented the prize to the Most Outstanding Home Class, 2T32.

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(Valedictorians of 2020: Jolene Tan, 2T05, representing the Arts cohort; Nyan Lin Htet, 2T32, representing the Science cohort.)

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(Mrs Poon Wai Chin, Vice Principal Academic, presenting the prize for Most Outstanding Contribution from a Home Class to 2T25.)

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(Mrs Phyllis Lim presenting the prize for Most Outstanding Home Class to 2T32.)

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(The Class of 2020 gifted the college with a table tennis set. Jolene Tan, 2T05, represented the cohort in presenting the gift to Mrs Phyllis Lim. Jolene is the President of the 45th Student Council.)

After the presentation of prizes and cohort gifts, the ceremony entered an important segment that is rich with symbolism and heritage. Father Gregory Tan, College Chaplain, led the prayer service with the intercessory prayers, read by various members of the CJC Family, offered to God, our Heavenly Father. The Home Tutors then pinned the CJC graduation college pins for each student, affirming them with words of encouragement and advice as they reach for their dreams. Another special gift that was given to each JC 2 student was the handwritten congratulatory notes from the JC1 cohort, twined around candles. And the flame that was passed to each student was a clarion call to be bearers of the Flame – bearers of all the values and beliefs that CJC stands for. The Flame, representing the Holy Spirit, guides each CJCian as they strive for their dreams and be leaders with a heart.

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(College Chaplain Fr Gregory Tan, SJ, leads the college in the prayer service for the graduating students.)

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(Intercessory prayers offered by different members of the CJC Family.)

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(Mr Tan Jek Suan, Vice Principal Student Development, reading an intercession during the prayer service.)

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(Bringing the light of Christ to all students, exhorting the Class of 2020 to be Bearers of the Flame to the world.)

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(Mrs Phyllis Lim participating in the Passing on the Flame segment with 2T16.)

Voices of all CJCians resounded through the corridors as we marked the end of the ceremony with the closing hymn, We are Called, and the college anthem, pledging to keep the Flame burning brightly wherever we go.

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(Mr Alex Wong with his home class, 2T04.)

In Veritate et Caritate