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JC2 Student Leaders Appreciation Ceremony

Written by Tan Jia Ning Cynthia (2T01), Ram Singh Langeana (2T06) and Heng Szee Shuen (2T31)

Every year, the students and staff of Catholic Junior College come together to appreciate the service rendered to the college by JC2 Student Leaders.  This year’s ceremony stood out for its unique form in light of the Covid-19 pandemic. The proceedings for the Appreciation Ceremony and Leadership Conference took place within classrooms for the first time in the college’s history.

The ceremony began with an address by our Principal, Mrs Phyllis Lim, through a video presentation. Mrs Lim expressed her gratitude to the JC2 student leaders for their dedicated leadership and service, and the hope that they will continue to grow and develop after leaving the college. In addition, she praised the student leaders for their adaptability and ability to balance their responsibilities and academic life amidst the uncertainty caused by the pandemic.

Darrell Low for website.jpg

Following this was a keynote address by our Guest of Honour, Mr Darrell Low from the Class of 1998. He spoke about his own leadership experience in CJC as a student councillor, where he learnt valuable lessons in being adaptable to unexpected situations whilst carrying out his duties. These experiences developed his leadership skills and he highly values a collaborative style of leadership. He spoke about the importance of respect and dignity in leading other in his line of work.

Jolene Tan, the 45th Student Council President, shared about her leadership journey as well. She emphasised the value of teamwork and service throughout her time as President of the Student Council. Jolene shared that the Covid-19 situation has made her and her team more appreciative and not take things for granted.

Jolene Tan for website.jpg

(Jolene Tan, 45th Student Council President, receiving her Certificate of Appreciation from her Home Tutor, Ms Fiona Wong.)

The ceremony culminated in the presentation of certificates to the JC2s to acknowledge and recognise their contributions to the college. Each student leader was presented with a certificate and token of appreciation, as well as a letter from their teachers.

Jolene then delivered the closing speech and the ceremony concluded with a blessing by our College Chaplain, Father Gregory Tan, S.J.

In Veritate et Caritate.