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Supporting students with CJC’s Culture of Care

Edward with Zachary - 13 Aug 2020.jpg

(Left to right: Mr Zachary Kok and Edward Ang, 1T16)

Ensuring that our students kept pace with their learning and remain connected to Catholic Junior College’s (CJC) academic and non-academic programmes are key facets of CJC’s strong culture of care. Our staff and school leaders rallied together to develop holistic support plans for students during the Home-Based Learning period as well as for those who were affected by Malaysia’s Movement Control Order (MCO), imposed on 18 March 2020.

Our teachers and school leaders would contact students like Edward Ang, 1T16, (featured in Mediacorp’s news reports on 13 Aug 2020), via text messaging and electronic mails daily, to encourage and motivate them to keep up with their learning and to stay positive. For instance, Mr Tan Jek Suan, Vice Principal (Student Development), and teachers, communicated with Edward regularly over the phone to find out how he was coping and to affirm him in his efforts to remain connected with the programmes in college while he was in Malaysia due to the MCO.

Resources and materials for lectures and tutorials were uploaded on the college’s Student Learning Space (SLS) for students and ‘live’ lessons via webcam were arranged for Edward so that he could attend lessons from home during the MCO. Subject tutors arranged for online one-to-one consultations with him and sent him soft copies of the materials that he needed to stay on track with the rest of his classmates. Edward’s buddies in school went the extra mile to update him regularly on what was covered during lessons and kept him abreast of the things happening in college.

CJC’s culture of care motivates all of us – school leaders, teachers and students, to reach out to support one another emotionally and academically, especially in these trying times. The CJ community continues to strive together towards excellence in learning and living, no matter the challenges ahead. 

(Channel News Asia news segment featuring an interview with Mrs Phyllis Lim, CJC Principal, on 13 Aug 2020)

(Channel 8 news segment featuring an interview with Mr Tan Jek Suan, CJC Vice Principal (Student Development), on 13 Aug 2020)

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