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Hearts Ablaze – Dream, Believe, Achieve

JC2 Graduation Ceremony - 8 October 2021

The JC2 Graduation Ceremony on 8 October 2021 was a fitting close to the two-year journey of our Class of 2021. Our Principal, Mrs Phyllis Lim, first charted the cohort’s growth and key milestones of their CJC journey, celebrating their achievements and resilience that truly exemplify them as Thinkers with a Mission, and Leaders with a Heart. As the Class of 2021’s legacy in CJC is well-established, we also looked forward, with a timely sharing by the Guest-of-Honour, and CJC alumnus, Mr Ivan Yeo (Class of 1997) about navigating uncertainty and fulfilling one’s purpose in life.

Various award presentations followed, including the results of the CJC Pageant. With their campaign run having been heralded by the @cj.flameon Instagram account, they were greeted with much applause as they gamely engaged in mini-games and a catwalk. In a shower of supportive cheers and confetti, the winners of the pageant, Deepa Pushpanathan (2T07) and Clive Braberry (2T11), were announced.

The celebratory atmosphere of the ceremony continued with the announcement of the valedictorians representing the Arts and Science faculties. The valedictorian speeches by Judith Tan (2T03) and Nicholas Wee (2T15) highlighted the strength and tenacity of the cohort, seen in them rising up to meet many challenges during these past two years with the support of their CJC communities. Thereafter, 2T15 was awarded the prize for Most Outstanding Contribution, and 2T11 won the prize for Most Outstanding Home Class, in recognition of their exemplary class culture, overall academic excellence, and contributions to CJC.

In a surprising twist, a lovely video montage created by the Family@CJC Parents Support Group was also screened. We sincerely thank them for taking the time to wish our students well in this final lap of the A-Level marathon, and rest be assured that such warm words of encouragement are edifying for students and staff alike.

The final stage of the Graduation Ceremony is an annual tradition rich with symbolism and meaning. The home tutors pinned the special graduation pin to the collar of each student. The JC1 cohort had earlier penned encouraging messages to their seniors that were tied to candles. These candles were then lit by the graduating cohort, signifying the College flame and values being passed on within the community. Finally, we sang the College Anthem, with its message of high hopes for the cohort: for them to be a light to the world as bearers of the CJ flame, its mission, and its values.

In Veritate et Caritate

Watch the JC2 Grad Ceremony video montage on our YouTube channel: https://tinyurl.com/CJCGradDay2021