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CJC’s 47th Annual Awards Ceremony, 8 April 2022

The 47th Annual Awards Ceremony at Catholic Junior College (CJC) on 8 April this year was truly a homecoming for students and staff in more ways than one. The College came together to celebrate the achievements and tenacity of the Class of 2021 and to give thanks to God for His providence and graces for the year past. It was heartening to be able to celebrate Annual Awards Ceremony in the Auditorium with the CJ Family and invited guests after a break of two years.

1.College Day 2022 Procession.JPG

Student leaders walking into the Auditorium with our School Leaders, Guests, and College Chaplain

2.College Day 2022 Mrs Lim.JPG

Mrs Phyllis Lim, Principal, speaking to the College at the 47th Annual Awards Ceremony


Mrs Phyllis Lim, Principal, CJC, shared about the different events that saw the CJ community rally together with creativity and a can-do spirit. This was possible only with a faith grounded in God and the collective determination of all CJCians who worked hard to achieve excellence in learning and living in their two-year journey in CJC. Mrs Lim spoke of the many academic and non-academic initiatives borne from teachers’ and students’ desire to co-create meaningful learning experiences that exemplify our College’s mission to develop thinkers with a mission and leaders with a heart. The successful completion of the School of the Future space in CJC and the recently concluded CJCares Virtual Cross Country were examples of such collaborations.


3.College Day 2022 Ms Christina Lim speech a.JPG

Ms Christina Lim, Class of 1978, Guest-of-Honour of CJC’s 47th College Day, addressing the audience


The prayer service of the ceremony is a key feature of all major College events and this year, it was presided over by our new College Chaplain, Father Justin Yip. The thanksgiving hymn, We Are Called, and the gospel reading from Saint Matthew on the call to be salt and light in the world, were an apt segue to the next segment of the ceremony. The Guest-of-Honour was Ms Christina Lim, from the Class of 1978, entrepreneur and founder of leading health supplements brand, Ocean Health, and medical aesthetic brand, TDF (Therapeutic Dermatologic Formula). Ms Lim had served as the Chairperson of our College’s School Management Committee in 2013-2014 and was a member of CJ’s Parent Support Group for four years.

Ms Lim exhorted CJCians to dare to take risks and accept failures in their stride as they pursue their dreams and goals. When we do what we love, we will love what we do naturally, she added. Ms Lim also touched on the importance of learning to learn, staying resilient in times of crises, and remaining alert to opportunities even when some doors close.


4.College Day 2022 Chaplain Fr Justin Yip.JPG

College Chaplain, Fr Justin Yip, leading the Prayer Service


Finally, the ceremony approached its end with the presentation of scholarships, prizes and awards to students and staff members. Notably, the recipient of the prestigious Dr Ee Peng Liang Memorial Award and Ms Narindar K Dhillon Award was Judith Tan (2T03, Class of 2021), who was recognized for her outstanding academic achievements, as well as her service to, and leadership of, the community.


Dr Francis Oen, Chairman of CJC’s School Management Committee and from the Class of 1979, was recognised for his unstinting contributions to CJC and to education in Singapore with the MOE Service to Education Award. Dr Oen also received the Thinker with a Mission, Leader with a Heart award for his selfless contribution to his alma mater. He shared that he is grateful for the honour to serve his College and is even more thankful to all who have helped and supported him, and continue to give back to CJC without reservations, many of whom are content to remain behind-the-scenes.

5. Dr Francis Oen.jpg

Dr Francis Oen, Class of 1979, MOE Service to Education Award and Thinker with a Mission, Leader with a Heart Award recipient

The MOE Service to Education Award recognises members of public who have volunteered their services in the School Advisory Committee, School Management Committee or Board of Governors. Adjunct Associate Professor Ivan Yeo, a member of CJC’s School Management Committee, Class of 1997, was another recipient of the MOE Service to Education Award this year.


6. Assoc Prof Ivan Yeo MOE Svc to Education Award 2022.JPG

Assoc Prof Ivan Yeo, Class of 1997, receives the MOE Service to Education Award from Mrs Lim

7. College Day 2022 J2 Prize Recipients a.JPG


8. College Day 2022 J2 Prize Recipients b.JPG

Proud award winners from CJC’s 47th Annual Awards


Special Award Recipients

1) Sister Deirdre O’Loan Commendation Memorial Award and Mr Tay Chen Hui Memorial Award - SARA ONG ZI NING

2) Dr Ee Peng Liang Memorial Award and Ms Narindar K Dhillon Award (Humanities) - TAN JIA YING JUDITH

3) Ms Narindar K Dhillon Award (Humanities) - MARINA KAYE LIM

4) Mr Bernard Chen Memorial Award - LEE YING JUN

5) Father Gerard Keane Memorial Award - BLESSON KARIKULAMMALAYIL TOMY

6) Catholic Junior College Merit Award - SEAN CHEAI

9. College Day 2022 Special Prize Awardees.JPG

From left: Mrs Poon Wai Chin, VP Academic; Mr Bernard Chen Memorial Award, Lee Ying Jun; Dr Ee Peng Liang Memorial Award and Ms Narindar K Dhillon Award (Humanities), Tan Jia Ying Judith; Mrs Phyllis Lim, Principal; Ms Narindar K Dhillon Award (Humanities), Marina Kaye Lim; Father Gerard Keane Memorial Award, Blesson Karikulammalayil Tomy; Mr Tan Jek Suan, VP Student Development; Mr Philip Alvar, VP Administration.