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National Servicemen of the Year 2021 Award

Lim Shao Zhe Lenson Class of 2018.jpg

Lim Shao Zhe Lenson (Class of 2018) receiving the National Servicemen of the Year 2021 Award from Chief of Army, Major-General Goh Si Hou.

By Hao Cheng Jing (2T24) and Caleb Soh (2T07)

Lim Shao Zhe Lenson, (Class of 2018)

Lenson learnt the importance of critical thinking during his time in Catholic Junior College. He had supportive teachers who empowered him to approach problems with a critical lens and to trust his own views. Lenson’s capacity for creative problem-solving has served him well in the army. For example, when he noticed the lack of stopwatches in his unit which made it more difficult for the soldiers in his unit to train effectively, Lenson took the time and effort to develop a mobile stopwatch application. He even spent time in his bunk after training and during his precious weekends to develop the application. Lenson’s application, called eSTOPWATCH, has provided his unit with a cheaper alternative to stopwatches.

There were other challenges faced by Lenson during his national service stint. Due to a hernia surgery, Lenson missed his leadership training and had no choice but to take up the position of an administrative clerk. Despite this curveball, Lenson chose to make the best of his situation. He took the initiative to learn from his superiors, and was even given the opportunity to take up management positions typically reserved for sergeants.

Lenson’s strength of character makes him a deserving candidate for the National Servicemen of the Year 2021 (NSF of the Year 2021) award. His advice to CJCians is “to not blindly accept things as they are, but to think rationally, ask questions to improve current systems and keep an open mind. This way, you will not only help yourself, but others too!”

The NSF of the Year award is given to outstanding Full-Time National Servicemen (NSFs) who have demonstrated exemplary behaviour and conduct.

William Rachmadi Class of 2019.jpg

William Rachmadi (Class of 2019) receiving the National Servicemen of the Year 2021 Award from Chief of Army, Major-General Goh Si Hou.

William Rachmadi, (Class of 2019)

The knowledge and skills he acquired as a Catholic Junior College student proved to be instrumental while he was serving his national service. Having been a linguistics student, William understands that the ability to use language judiciously and proficiently is paramount when it comes to communicating with his teammates. Additionally, the knowledge he acquired as a geography student helped William when he was involved in reconnaissance. 

William’s path to receiving the National Servicemen of the Year 2021 award (NSF of the Year) was paved with challenges. Initially, he struggled with physical training sessions due to his lack of fitness at the start of his National Service stint. He managed to grow fitter by adhering to a vigorous training schedule. William also faced many stressful situations that tested his patience and resolve. He learned to remain cool-headed in such situations and to think rationally. Having shown grit and level-headedness, William is truly deserving of the NSF of the Year 2021 award. 

His advice to CJCians is to “always give your 100%!” and especially to those enlisting, to “find meaning in what you do and to always push yourself to the limits, as in the end we are all playing our part in defending our nation.”


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