Sports and Aesthetics Carnival – One Flame, One Family, 26 & 27 May 2022

Catholic Junior College’s (CJC) annual sports and aesthetics carnival was held on 26 and 27 May for the JC1s and JC2s respectively. With the theme, ‘One Flame, One Family’, the event brought the sports and performing arts programmes together so that all CJCians were able to participate in and celebrate the many talents we have in CJC.


1. SAC 26 May 2022 c.JPG

Nurul Iman Syed Masood, Albert House Captain, leading the Sports Leaders from Albert House.


2. SAC 26 May 2022 d.JPG

Mrs Phyllis Lim, Principal, CJC, encouraging all students to participate actively and enjoy the day’s programmes organised by the Sports Leaders and the Performing Arts CCAs.


A wide variety of sporting games, such as amazing race, badminton, basketball, dodgeball, floorball, geocaching, handball, netball, octopus, and tchoukball, were played that day. Some of the aesthetics-themed games the students participated in included escape room, photography amazing race, cranium, and a board game tournament consisting of azul, carcassonne, cascadia, citadel, and paperback.


3. SAC 26 May 2022 h.JPG

Signalling the start of the Sports and Aesthetics Carnival with the first sprint event.


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In previous years, performances by our Performing Arts CCAs were held on a different date and referred to as ‘CJ Celebrates’. It was a ticketed event and parents were invited to view the performances when it was made available online. With CJ Celebrates held with Sports and Aesthetics Carnival 2022, every student and staff can enjoy the day’s proceedings with their classmates and friends.


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The CJ Celebrates concert featured performances by the Choir, Concert Band, English Drama, Guitar Ensemble, Guzheng Ensemble, and Modern Dance. To enjoy these performances, go to our channel on Youtube and view them now. Through CJ Celebrates, we continue to raise funds for the CJCares Fundraising Campaign to support CJCians who need financial assistance in these challenging times.


Watch the video here.

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