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Annual Awards and CJ Celebrates 2016

Text by Amira Yunos (1T06) and Khasnavis Ashrita (1T01)

The evening of 1 July 2016 saw parents, teachers and award recipients come together to attend the 41st Annual Awards presentation ceremony. It was a sweet reunion for the recent graduates and the college alike, as unexpected hugs were exchanged on stage. This gesture certainly demonstrated the immense gratitude the JC3s have for the college, as we rejoiced and celebrated our achievements as one CJ family again.

Following the prayer service supported by the Music Ministry, Mrs Kong gave an opening address that highlighted the need for a “growth mindset” in order to excel and give back to the community. The Guest-of-Honour, Ms Gopi Mirchandani, continued to engage the audience with her deeply personal and insightful speech about her career and her life. As Senior Vice-President for the Business Development-Fullerton Fund Management, she shared a few memorable instances in her life and credited the college for shaping her development not only during her formative years, but also in her decisions later on in life.

The presentation ceremony began with welcoming the 2016 JC1 scholars, who received CJC’s own scholarships, the Flame Scholarship and the Archbishop’s Scholarship, as well as the MOE English Language Elective scholarship. The 2015 JC1 subject prize winners were up next, along with the CCA contribution awardees and then finally the prestigious awards were given to students who had done exceptionally well in their field of study and were recognised for their hard work.

After the awards ceremony, the school community and invited guests were treated to the highly anticipated annual showcase of our performing arts talents. There was a flurry of activity form behind the curtains in the Performing Arts Centre as members of the Performing Arts CCAs prepared for the big stage where they would showcase their performances and Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) pieces that they received remarkable achievements for.

Our Performing Arts groups, including Guzheng Ensemble, Chinese Drama, English Drama, Choir, Guitar Ensemble, Symphonic Band and Dance, came together to put a mesmerising performance for the audience, while Film, Sound, Video Society put up a Photo Gallery. The fruits of their labour was certainly sweet as the night ended with the crowd cheering enthusiastically for all the acts that had come together to showcase the varying degrees of talents that CJCians have cultivated over time. The glow on the faces of parents, teachers, award winners and performers highlighted the joyful occasion that was the ceremony and performance. It was indeed, in true CJ fashion, a momentous event, celebrated in Truth and Love.