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Be The Change: Think Careers and Higher Education Fest 2016

Text by: Ryan Siew (2T04)

The two-day Think Careers and Higher Education Fest 2016, held on 18 and 19 May and attended by the JC2s, featured numerous representatives from a variety of careers who gave insights about their respective fields. Representatives from higher education institutions also came down to inform the JC2s on various courses offered. With the tagline “Be the Change”, the event invited the JC2s to contemplate their intended career pathways not just in practical terms, but also as to what they want to contribute to their community.

The speakers hailed from various fields including the arts, education, life sciences, architecture, uniformed services, law and social work among others. Many of them are alumni of CJC, such as Ms Christine Tan, the anchor for CNBC’s “Managing Asia”; Mr Gerard Vaz, Vice-Principal of Fernvale Gardens School for the intellectually disabled; and Mr Michael Sng, founder of the private equity firm TAEL Partners, returning to their alma mater as their way of giving back. Each of the JC2s had the opportunity to select three different talks to attend. They were evidently inspired, as they actively engaged the speakers during the question-and-answer sessions to clarify their understanding of the demands of the different careers.

Some of the speakers also shared personal stories from their jobs. One of these speakers was Mrs Magdalene Tan-Joseph, Level Head of English at Chung Cheng High School and also an alumna of CJC, who tenderly recounted touching memories about her students that fuelled her zest for teaching. Such stories reminded the JC2s that passion is an important factor in choosing a career.

Student representatives of the college hosted the speakers and also moderated the talks, introduced the various speakers and broke the ice during the question-and-answer sessions.

The booths set up in the Auditorium by higher education institutions, such as NUS, NTU, SIM and LaSalle College of the Arts, helped the JC2s assess the courses available to them. In tandem with the career talks, the booths offered the JC2s the information they needed to decide on courses suitable for their vocations.

As the JC2s approach their graduation from the college, the Think Careers and Higher Education Fest offered them timely assistance in considering their career pathways for the future. A common thread among the different talks was the notion that meaning and purpose are central in selecting a suitable career. The JC2s were indeed encouraged to be the change in their community, and continue to be Thinkers with a Mission and Leaders with a Heart as they go out into the world.