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CJ Celebrates 2015

By Cindy Ho (2T05) and Ang Si Jia (2T08)

In conjunction with the school’s 40th anniversary, CJ Celebrates for 2015 took on a slightly different angle by commemorating the achievements attained by not only present but also past CJCians. Themed Remembering Our Roots, Continuing The Legacy, the annual event was held to showcase the talents of the school’s gifted performers and Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) pieces as well as to serve a reminder of where and how we have come thus far.

The promising 90 minute event started off with a suspense-filled video made by the school’s Film, Sound & Video Society, showing the audience all the hard work put into the event by the performers. The dramatic video was well put together and hyped up the audience considerably, heightening the anticipation of the atmosphere. Following the video then was a performance put up by the school’s Guzheng Ensemble, where despite the lack of prior knowledge of the instrument by some of the players, the two pieces, 小苗青青 and 春到湘江, were played flawlessly. 

Next up was was a heart-wrenching, tear-inducing performance titled <<rewind>> put up by Chinese Drama reminding the audience of what goes behind a mother’s incessant nagging, and how parents are all the same – loving and wanting nothing but the best for the child. The self-written script by the students, complete with a convincing performance, won them a Certificate of Accomplishment like the Guzheng Ensemble in the recent SYF.

The school’s choir, who achieved the coveted Certificate of Distinction, sang two songs titled ‘Mae-e’ by Kentaro Sato, and ‘Pokpok Alimpako’ by Francisco Feliciano. This was then followed by a performance by the Guitar Ensemble, who, for the very first time achieved a Certificate of Distinction in the recent SYF. The pieces which were played, ‘Excerpts from Capriol Suite’ by Peter Warlock and ‘Jounetsu Tairiku’ by Taro Hakase, were music to the ears indeed. 

Following this was an energetic piece by the Dance, who showed how time waits for no man. Titled ‘Clock is Ticking’ and choreographed by their Dance Instructor Mr Ryan Tan, their abstract performance captivated the audience from beginning to end, and lent itself to much applause. The final performance for the night was by the CJC Symphonic Band, who played two pieces titled ‘Singapura Suite’ by Jan Van Der Roost and ‘And the Multitude With One Voice Spoke’ by James Hosay in perfect harmony. 

After the entire performance, visitors were invited to talk a walk through CJC’s 40 years of heritage at the FSV’s interactive Photo Gallery Experience, summing up the entire memorability of CJ Celebrates. With the students’ hard work, CJ’s flame and passion for the arts will be one that will continue burning for forty years and beyond, continuing the CJC legacy.