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CJC Carnival 2015

By Sharyn Loh (1T24)

After a long 14 year hiatus, the CJC Carnival made its comeback on 14 March, Saturday. 

Organized in conjunction with the college's 40th Anniversary Celebrations, the event started with much enthusiasm and excitement from the student body as they geared up to extend a warm welcome to visitors. It was very heartwarming to see our alumni and old friends catching up with each other and doing their bid for the event, all the while reminiscing about the fond memories they had of CJC.

With something for everyone, including scrumptious food and interactive games, the visitors were abuzz with excitement. Surindar Singh, a parent, was taken by the “spontaneity of the mass dance in the piazza” and the great variety of food and games.

One hour into the carnival, the dunking machine swung into action. Popular nominees placed on the celebrity dunking list included student leaders, House Captains, teachers and in particular, the Vice-Principals and Principal. At the same time, the laser tag booth kicked off to fierce competition. Numerous teams put up a strong and intense fight to earn points, each vying for victory for their respective houses.

At noon, our Principal, Mrs Kong declared the official opening of the Carnival, followed by a 'Wefie’ session' and a performance by the talented Teachers’ Band. Rockafella XI Finals, the annual musical talent competition of CJC, commenced with an electrifying energy, featuring passionate CJC musicians competing solely based on musical merit. 

There were many highlights of the Carnival and each and every one was a crowd-puller. Even though it was a long day, CJCians kept up their enthusiasm. “It got quite tiring halfway through the Carnival, but by enjoying the food and seeing the smiles on the customers as they played the game at our booth really helped to keep our spirits up,” said Mabel Koh (2T05).

The entire day was filled with fun and sweat and the Carnival ended on a high note with a closing ceremony where prizes were presented to the Rockafella XI winners and classes with the best stall concept. The Carnival came to an official close with a resounding singing of the school song. It was a great success with the active support and participation from the entire CJC community consisting alumni, staff and students.