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CJC Sports & Aesthetics Carnival 2016

Text by: Simran Kaur (2T02) & Shihara Perera (1T06)

CJC’s annual Sports & Aesthetics Carnival is the perfect opportunity for CJCians to display their various sporting abilities, as well as to immerse themselves in other enjoyable outdoor activities, as they compete in different inter-house competitions. The Carnival was held over two days, 20 and 27 May 2016, where students competed to bring glory to their respective houses. The theme of this year’s Sports Carnival was Kairos: Strength in Camaraderie, emphasising the importance of keeping the CJC spirit of Truth and Love alive, even as the four houses competed for the title of House Champion.

The heats, which were held at MOE’s Co-Curricular Activities Branch (CCAB) and Bishan Stadium, saw the students participate in gruelling matches and races in sports such as volleyball, tag rugby and track and field events. Although the atmosphere was very competitive at both venues, the students truly enjoyed themselves, excited for the final events to be held in college, and the anticipation continued for the week that followed.

The highly anticipated Sports Carnival on 27 May 2016 was a day to remember, as the ambience in the college was already brimming with enthusiasm from 7 a.m. The students were clad in their respective house shirts. There was a distinct division between the fiery red of Patrick House, the blazing orange of Michael House, the commanding yellow of Albert House and the majestic green of Joseph House, all seated together at the Grandstand. Students sported spray-painted hair and paint on their faces, arms and legs to demonstrate their fervent support for their houses.

To inaugurate the event, our Principal, Mrs Christine Kong, along with the four House Captains, lit up a flame. This was followed by the recital of the Athletes’ Oath, led by the Sports Leaders of each house. The four House Captains then stood proudly before their houses to lead their fellow housemates in house cheers, which definitely added to the vibrant and lively atmosphere.

This year's Sports Carnival boasted a whole array of sports such as soccer, basketball, frisbee and floorball. The team-based sports events allowed for members of the same house to mingle and interact with one other, as well as try their hand at a new sport of their choice or display their skills in one that they were proficient in.

The highly awaited cheerleading and dance competition, which is an annual crowd favourite, also saw each House team leave the audience in awe of their impressive routines, acrobatics and house spirit. Everyone was amazed by the accuracy of the steps executed by the cheerleaders, clearly showing their dedication and diligence in choreographing and practising their routines. Although Michael House emerged the winner of this competition, every team had performed spectacularly.

As in every sporting event, there would be winners, and when it was time for the award ceremony to bring the Sports Carnival to an end, the students remained energetic, and the atmosphere remained lively. The emcee announced that Albert House had emerged as the House Champion for 2016, a first in many years, with Joseph, Patrick and Michael trailing closely behind in second, third and fourth places respectively. The members of Albert House were exhilarated as they cheered and flew their house flag proudly with wide smiles on their faces.

The Sports Carnival ended with the incredibly unique CJC cheer, followed by the singing of the college anthem in one united voice. This year’s Sports Carnival was a truly unforgettable event for the CJC community to enjoy themselves together under the blazing sun. The prominent display of sportsmanship, camaraderie and most importantly, Truth and Love by every CJCian throughout the day’s events will definitely leave an indelible mark in our memory.