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CJC: Winner of the Straits Times Big Quiz 2016

Fifth time’s the charm for the CJC Current Affairs Team, who emerged victorious on 27 April 2016 in the final segment of this year’s Straits Times Big Quiz against Hwa Chong Institution, Anglo-Chinese Junior College and National Junior College. Calling it luck would greatly undermine the weeks of strategic preparation and hard work that the team of 25 students and 3 teachers have invested in hopes of securing a glorious win.

Looking back, the truth in their success was the resilience and belief the team held against some who claimed that they would struggle against grave competition from the other teams. The team displayed their tenacity and heartening enthusiasm at the Big Quiz, both on stage and during the audience quiz that was held before the competition. Their eagerness to participate was rewarded, as they took home souvenirs from Straits Times for their correct answers.

The JC2 seniors were the true unsung heroes of the CJC Current Affairs Team, as they generously invested their time, offering steady support and guidance while the JC1s trained. This enabled the core team to push beyond last year’s performance.

With this win, the CJC Current Affairs Team will work to better their current strategies, and compete as defending champions at next year’s Big Quiz. CJCians can also look forward to being a part of the CJC Current Affairs Initiative at the upcoming Inter-House Grand Slam in July, when the spotlight on current affairs will be brought back to the college.

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