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Commencement 2016

Text by: Khasnavis Ashrita (1T01)

On 18 February 2016, the long-established tradition of inducting the new batch of JC1 students was once again commemorated and celebrated with enthusiasm as one CJC family.

Starting off the Commencement Ceremony with morning reflections, Marcus Tan (2T10) looked back on his journey. He noted that despite the year’s ups and downs, he was fortunate to have received the unwavering support of his classmates and the college, and shared that the J1s can look forward to this in their two year journey in CJC. Michael Calija (2T08), President of the 41st Student Council, warmly welcomed the juniors to the CJC community with open arms and encouraged them to be true to the college’s mission, which is to be a Thinker with a Mission, Leader with a Heart.

This was followed by the Principal’s address where Mrs Christine Kong took the platform to remind students of the mark of a CJCian - to stay true to the values of Truth and Love. She also emphasised that every action taken by a student should not only be for their personal gain, but for the benefit of the larger community. A short photo montage depicting images of Orientation week was thoroughly enjoyed as students searched for familiar faces on the screen.

Father Leslie Raj, the college Chaplain, then conducted a community prayer service accompanied by the Music Ministry who sang beautifully to worship the Lord. The cohort, too, took this opportunity to pray for the academic year ahead. A member from each of the respective faculties within the college community, including the non-teaching staff and the Parent Support Group (PSG), solemnly promised to withhold the mission and vision of the college. This was followed by the customary lighting of the candle. The representatives lit the candle at the same time to signify the unity of the CJC community.

The ritual of blessing the college pins was facilitated by Father Raj, following which the captains of the four Houses distributed the pins to the J2s who personally pinned the badges on for their fellow J1s. This signified the official induction of the new batch of students into the CJ family. The J2s gave a few words of advice to their J1s and as their elder brothers and sisters, assuring them that their JC journey will leave them with many indelible memories. The ceremony came to a close after the college sang the school song in one resounding voice.

The atmosphere was one of great joy and the J1s are now officially part of our big family - In Veritate et Caritate.