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Graduation Day 2016

Text By: Ryan Siew (2T04)

The CJC Class of 2016 officially graduated from the college on 7 October 2016.

Gathered in their respective homerooms for the final Student Development (SD) session with their home classes, the Class of 2016 reviewed their time in college and showed their gratitude towards their classmates and home tutors. As a lasting token of their memories in CJC, Home Tutors attached a graduation pin on the collar of each of their students. It was a sentimental and poignant moment for many.

The JC2s then assembled at the Auditorium for the Graduation Ceremony. Placed neatly on their seats were candles, attached with words of encouragement from the JC1s. As the JC2s settled into their places, a slideshow was screened, showing creative and uplifting messages from the tutors that were personalised to their classes. The slideshow roused elated cheering from the JC2s.

The ceremony began with a procession of the House Captains and Home Tutorial Councillors, who presented the cohort with the collection of ‘Class Creation Pieces’, contributed by each class as a memento. The emcees then introduced the theme of Graduation Day, “Lighting the Way”, by explaining the symbolic meaning of the candle: when lighted, its flame serves as a guiding light into the future, a metaphor for students to inspire others, and the figurative object of belonging to which they may retrace their steps back to the college.

The two valedictorians, Choong Ding Yang Nicholas (2T06) and Kor Ming Soon (2T25), representing the Arts and Science faculties respectively, celebrated the coming together of the cohort. Drawing from personal anecdotes over the course of their time in the college, they both foregrounded specific qualities that they have come to learn and live by. Nicholas emphasised the importance of progressing from failure instead of letting oneself be defeated while Ming Soon highlighted the importance of understanding and being driven by a purpose in our endeavours. They both reminded the cohort to show their gratitude to their friends, family, classmates and teachers. Concluding their speeches, Ming Soon urged the JC2s to push on without regrets while Nicholas compared life to a camera in an original poem, calling for the cohort to record and find beauty in everyday experiences with their peers.

The cohort was treated to a video presentation by the Film, Sound, Video (FSV) society, which encapsulated the common experiences of the cohort under the concept that “the community fuels the flame”. True to this, the succeeding ‘Passing of the Flame’ segment saw the flame from the CJC candle being passed on from House Captains to the HTCs and to the rest of the cohort, in a tender display of the community’s bond.

To cap off their graduation, the cohort stood to sing, with full hearts and voices, the college anthem.