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Ignite. Illuminate. Inspire. Open House 2016

By Mona Chia (2T06)

“I really love the school culture in CJC. Everyone is so friendly and kind!” – Bertha Yee, A prospective student

Open House 2016 saw a huge turnout from prospective students, parents and visitors who were warmly welcomed by members of the CJC community. True to the theme of Open House this year, the CJ community worked hard to highlight and showcase its talents and achievements, igniting the CJ spirit in the hope of inspiring prospective students. Members of the 41st Student Council greeted visitors with bright smiles and handed out goodie bag bearing a unique design reflective of the college.

Special tours were conducted by Student Councillors and Orientation Group Leaders (OGLs) who took our visitors around the college grounds. The visitors were met with a dazzling display of sight and sound throughout the day. Attractive booths were set up and manned by members of the College’s Co-Curricular Activity (CCA) groups decked with colourful banners and information about the various Sports, Performing Arts and Clubs and Societies offered in CJ. The campus ignited with pulsating energy and was abuzz from an array of exciting activities and performances. At the Piazza, dancers moved to an energetic beat and surprised spectators with an impromptu flash mob and a rendition of the Orientation dance choreographed by the Student Council. Members of the Choir filled the corridors with harmonious voices while the Symphonic Band played catchy tunes ranging from the classical genre to rock. The sports CCAs such as Fencing and Floorball, also showed their skills and prowess by playing exhibition matches to a captivated and cheering audience. To engage our visitors, the Film, Sound and Video Society (FSV) set up a photo booth, filled with creative props, that was popular with both students and visitors alike.

The ‘A’ level curriculum and our signature academic programmes were the order of the day. Our Principal, Mrs Christine Kong, conducted three sessions of a dialogue with prospective students, while CJC teachers provided academic advice on subjects and programmes offered by the college. Micro-lessons were also conducted by some of our teachers for a variety of subjects offered in the Humanities and Sciences, to provide prospective students with a clearer understanding of the demands of tutorials. Visitors were given the opportunity to explore and find out more about core subjects as well as niche ones such as English Language and Linguistics (ELL) and Knowledge and Inquiry (KI).

Open House 2016 was a fulfilling and purposeful day for all CJCians. Through our enthusiasm, the CJ family came together and displayed our college spirit to the visitors. As the day came to a close, we hope that the warm and welcoming CJ spirit left a lasting impression on all those who made their way to Whitley Road.

Photographs by Amy Tan, Audry May, Shawn Goh Shao Cong, Tam Zher Min