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Leadership Ceremonies and Conference 2016

Text by Mona Chia (2T06)

8 July 2016 marked the annual Leadership Conference, a day of appreciating and reflecting on leadership for the student leaders of the college. The day began with the JC2 Leaders’ Appreciation Ceremony, in which the various sports, performing arts, clubs and societies’ Captains, Presidents, and Exco members, the four House Captains and Student Councillors were recognised and acknowledged for their significant contributions.

This was followed by a time of reflection for the JC2 student leaders at the Performing Arts Centre (PAC). Our Vice-Principal, Mr Tan Jek Suan, started the session with an inspiring speech and welcomed an alumnus, Mr Bartiban (Class of 2012), to give an opening address. The first reflection session, themed “Looking back on your journey as a Student Leader”, provided the student leaders with the platform to think about and reflect on their leadership journey thus far.

Following the reflection session on leadership, the leaders attended the JC1 Leadership Installation ceremony. The JC2 student leaders were invited as guests, and some were emotional as they watched, reminiscing the exact same moment last year when they were in their juniors’ shoes.

The JC2 student leaders were then called upon once again in the PAC to reflect on their own leadership journeys, in line with them theme “Looking beyond your term of service in CJC”, and pasted strips of red, yellow and orange, (representing Truth, Love, and Sacrifice respectively) in which they wrote their dreams, hopes and aspirations. These strips of paper were eventually assembled to form a beautiful montage of the college flame.

Last but not least, was the highlight of the conference - the dinner at Hotel Jen. JC2 student leaders, teachers, and distinguished guests clad in formal wear sat together, savouring fine dining and networking. Our Principal, Mrs Christine Kong, delivered a speech about thanking and appreciating the teachers who organised this conference, as they had a vision and believed in leadership. She highlighted the importance of continuing the CJC legacy, encouraging the student leaders of this generation to continue to inspire and serve wherever they go.

All in all, Leadership Conference 2016 was a wonderful opportunity for the JC2 student leaders to reflect on their leadership journey as it came to end. It provided closure to this part of their leadership journey as they are now ready to pass the baton to the JC1 student leaders.