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Lent Passion Play 2016

On 22 March 2016, the Tuesday of Holy Week, all Religion students from both levels were given the opportunity to watch a re-enactment of Jesus’s Passion which was organised by the 41st Student Council’s Catholic Activities Wing. The Passion of Jesus, comprising His entry into Jerusalem and culminating in the crucifixion on the cross, was enacted in the Lent Passion Play. The play was performed to incorporate elements of reflection and spiritual awareness for the college during the season of Lent and Easter. It also served to better the understanding of the Passion of Christ for both Catholics and non-Catholics alike, allowing them to better understand God’s love and mercy.

Through acting, the actors and actresses of the Lent Passion Play elegantly brought forth the message of Jesus Christ’s Passion, setting the tone for Holy Week and hence prepared the Religion students for the upcoming Good Friday and more importantly, Easter Sunday.

Through the course of preparation for the performance, the Catholic Activities (CA) Wing worked alongside actors and performers from the student body to develop a cohesive narrative that helped in actualising the events according to Scripture. These students included Student Councillors, members of the Music Ministry and other CCAs, all of whom breathed life into their assigned roles.

Music Ministry also helped to provide lyrical accompaniment to the performance in the opening and closing scenes, helping to set the mood of the play as a sombre and solemn one. Costumes were also borrowed from The Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the students developed their own props.

The performance was also interspersed with moments for reflection to allow students to pause and reflect during appropriate points.

All in all, these factors came together to form a riveting performance that helped to raise spirituality in the school community, enriching the meaning of Holy Week, and also bringing Scripture to life.