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Nara Senior High School Visit 2016

On 29 July 2016, 22 students and 2 teachers from Nara Senior High School, Japan, came to Catholic Junior College (CJC) for a day of school experience. They spent a day with their CJC buddies in their classes, presented their year-long research project, had a taste of Singapore’s local cuisine in our canteen and experienced our Co-Curricular Activities. Overall, it was a wonderful cultural-exchange experience for both the Japanese and Singaporean students.

The day spent with my Japanese buddies was a truly enriching one. I was able to learn many new things about Japan and its rich heritage. I learned several important salutations, common phrases, even counting in Japanese as the day went on. I developed great respect for Japanese traditional and modern values, and I learned this all from my buddies from Japan….

Reflection by Aadhithya Selvakumar 1T19


… Something that impressed me that day was the learning environment they grew up in in a Super Science school. All 3 Japanese students presented a physics project during our physics lesson, and many of us were amazed by the content they presented. … It was really impressive and an eye-opening experience. The whole class was taken aback by their project. Their slides were also carefully put together, with an overall theme of Mario Games. They had put everything in order too, from the experiment itself, to the considerations that had been factored in. In all, I could see how much hard work they had put in and they were really dedicated to their project. I could see that they were nervous and one of them was even shaking as he spoke to us. They must be really scared as they were presenting to people about their project in a foreign language that isn’t their native language, and hence I was very impressed by their spirit and passion for learning…

Reflection by Ivy Kong 1T10


They asked me various questions around topics such as the pension plan in Singapore. It was actually good for me too because I had to do my research and convey it to them not only in Japanese but also in a way that was easy to understand.

Reflection by Liu Weilong 1T17


… throughout the dance lesson, I could tell that he (my Japanese buddy) was putting a lot of effort into it. Although he wasn't a dancer, he was so open to dance, I could tell that he had an open heart and open mind. He didn't let others judge him and he just enjoyed the moment. I was so happy and proud of him when he got called out by the instructor to demonstrate his moves in front of everyone. It was so funny but I saw him really letting himself go and enjoying the moment. I learnt from him that we should just enjoy every moment we are given in life, and that we shouldn't be bothered by how people are going to view us. To do our best in everything we do is what's most important…

                                                                  Reflection by Natalie Lim 1T21