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Reliving the Memories: JC1 End-of-Year Ceremony 2015

By Ryan Siew (1T04)

Catholic Junior College celebrated a milestone year for the JC1s on 29 October 2015 with the annual JC1 End-of-Year Ceremony.

Before the ceremony, the JC1s gathered in their classrooms for their final Student Development (SD) lesson of the year with their Home Tutors. The students looked back on the year with their classmates and penned down their resolutions for 2016 in a letter to their future selves.

After the SD lesson, the JC1s assembled in the Performing Arts Centre for the ceremony. The student emcees, Ethan Hong (1T01) and Daksha Jhajharia (1T26), introduced the theme of this year’s ceremony, “Reliving the Memories”. After the opening hymn sung by the Music Ministry, the College Chaplain Father Leslie Raj led the cohort in a prayer service. Father Leslie read “A Time for Everything”, an excerpt from the book of Ecclesiastes, after which students and teachers took a few minutes to silently reflect on the verse.

Following the prayer service, the 41st Student Council President, Michael Calija (1T08), recounted the journey the cohort had together thus far in CJC, and shared with the audience the moments in 2015 he found most memorable. Subsequently, the Home Tutorial Councillors (HTCs), representing their respective classes, each laid down a bundle of letters their class had written during the SD lesson in an ornamental basket on the centre of the stage. The basket was then placed at the foot of a candle to symbolise, in the light of Michael’s speech, the continuation of the cohort’s journey as CJCians into 2016. The letters will be given back to the students next year.

Next, CJC’s Principal Mrs Christine Kong addressed the cohort, taking stock of the year while building upon Michael’s speech to pay tribute to the JC1s’ growth since they first entered CJC. Mrs Kong extended her hope for 2016 to the JC1s, urging them to continue growing not only academically, but in character as well.

Following this, the outstanding achievements of students in their respective CCAs were honoured. The Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Awards that the college achieved this year were presented to the Presidents of the respective Performing Arts Groups, while the National Schools Colours Awards for outstanding sporting achievement were presented to exceptional JC1 athletes.

Finally, the JC1s were treated to a video montage prepared by the Film, Sound and Video (FSV) Society chronicling their year’s journey. The JC1s broke out in rapt laughter and cheers as familiar faces appeared on screen. While the lights dimmed and the video played, they relived their memories of the year. On this note of high spirits and tender nostalgia, the ceremony was brought to a close with the singing of the college anthem, which the students all sang earnestly and in unison.