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Rockafella XII: Rhythms Intensify!

Text by: Khasnavis Ashrita (1T01) and Ang Li Yan (2T14)

Ever since Rockafella made its debut 12 years ago, the annual rock concert has never failed to impress its audience with its exciting line-up of performances. Serving as an avenue for students to showcase their hidden musical talents, Rockafella remains one of the most highly anticipated college events of the year.

Emceed by Cheryl Tan (2T01) and Tierney Lee (2T22), the show started off with a great buzz of energy when members of the different participating bands came together and kicked off the concert with a popular hit song, ‘Shut Up and Dance’, to the enthusiastic cheers coming from the audience. The competing bands then showed off their own unique personalities through their rhythmic music and harmonized vocals.

IRIS got the audience up on their feet and to sing along to their melodic and upbeat songs, whilst Second Time’s the Charm performed to a poppy disco-inspired song, ‘Cake By the Ocean’ and a R&B track, ‘Just a Dream’. The following student bands were also nothing short of amazing. FOUR had the crowd bobbing their heads to the swinging tempo of ‘In the night’ by The Weeknd and ‘I Wear Glasses’ by Mating Ritual, while JJAIHO mesmerised the audience with their performance of ‘Radioactive’ by Imagine Dragons and ‘Just Give Me a Reason’ by P!nk. The last competing band to come up on stage was The Grandstand, who captivated the crowd with their performance of ‘This is Gospel’ by Panic! At The Disco and Bowling for Soup’s ‘1985’.

The non-competing bands The Contrabands and The Immanuels, were not to be overlooked as both groups garnered tremendous support from the students and teachers. This lovely sight of students coming together to encourage each other displayed the CJC values of Truth and Love.

Another highlight of Rockafella has always been the performance by the Teachers’ Band. This year, with the special appearance of our former Vice-Principal, Mr Eric Lee, and our College Chaplain, Father Leslie Raj, the Teacher’s Band (comprising Ms Jacintha Huang, Ms Angela Tie, Mr Vincent Yu, Mr Eric Lee, Father Leslie Raj, Ms Dawn Ang, Ms Sylvia Tong and Ms Tan Wei Jun) rocked the stage with a mashup of ‘Shut Up and Dance’ and ‘Want To Want Me’, as well as a medley of hit songs by Coldplay, including ‘Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall’ and ‘Viva La Vida’. The enlivening performance by our very own teachers including Father Raj was a performance that got the audience grooving to the vibe.

Blue Collar Jane, a three-man band, emerged as the champion of the night with The Romantic’s ‘Why Do I Like You’, a Rock N’ Roll piece from the 80’s. What managed to earn them a greater standing from the other bands was the creativity they showcased with an original composition titled, ‘Where Do We Go’. Taking on the challenge of songwriting and performing an original song reaffirmed the band’s unwavering passion for music.

Rockafella is and will continue to be a platform through which students as well as the college staff are presented with an opportunity to display their musical talents outside of the academic curriculum. This event exemplifies the college’s focus on enabling students to explore their strengths and interests. Rockafella XII: Rhythms Intensify! was a roaring success and truly a night to remember for all who attended.