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Student Leaders Installation 2015

By Ang Li Yan

The JC1 Student Leaders Installation Ceremony held on 12 July 2015 was yet another significant event for the newly appointed 41st batch of student leaders, following the appreciation ceremony held a few days back. This annual tradition of recognising the new batch of student leaders has always been an emotional one, as it officially marks the start of their JC1 leadership journey. This year's installation ceremony featured the theme "The flame inherited, Our legacy upheld, Leading in truth and love", in the hope that our newly appointed batch of student leaders taking over their leadership roles with pride and honour. 

Upon hearing the announcement that the installation ceremony was about to begin, our JC1 students gathered in the Auditorium, settling down and waiting for the arrival of Guest-of-Honour Mr Kenneth Tan and presider chancellor Friar John Paul Tan. For this year's installation ceremony, CJC had the privilege to welcome Mr Kenneth Tan, the 1st President of the Student Council, as the Guest-of-Honour for this momentous ceremony.

After the opening prayers led by the Presider-Chancellor, the ceremony moved forward with an inspiring series of reflections by the Principal and important guests, many whom were once part of the CJC student community. It was heartening to see student leaders from the earliest batches coming together on this very special occasion to give words of inspiration and encouragement to the younger generation.

Following the speeches and reflections, the traditional practice of passing of the flame as a leadership baton was carried out. Ignited by Mr Kenneth Tan, the flame was passed down all the way to the 41st batch of student leaders. From the Student Councillors to the House Captains and to the CCA Leaders, the legacy which dates all the way back to 40 years ago is now in the hands of the newly appointed student leaders, all ready to answer their call to serve the CJC community in truth and love.