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Superheroes: CJC Teachers Day 2015

By Simran Kaur (1T02)

CJC held its annual Teachers’ Day Celebration to recognise the passion of our teachers and appreciate their contributions. The theme for this year’s celebration was “Superheroes”, an apt way to honour the dedication and strength with which our teachers inspire their students every day.
The celebrations began with a short skit. Tierney (1T22) played the role of a villain whilst Mrs Kong and Mr Eric Lee, our Vice-Principal, performed as superheroes defending the college. Afterwards, the student leaders performed an energetic and attention-grabbing flash dance. Mrs Kong then read out a Teachers’ Day speech, to highlight the importance and significance of the occasion towards Singapore.
The festivities continued with a special treat for the teachers who enjoyed a special performance put up by the Symphonic Band, who played melodious tunes for the occasion.
As soon as the teachers returned, they were then given a surprise as the entire student body gathered in front of the Grandstand in their classes to wish the teachers a “Happy Teachers’ Day” collectively as a college. The HTCs of every class then proceeded to pass envelopes to their teachers containing a gift from the students of their classes. The gift was a set of puzzle pieces that, when put together, would form a picture drawn by the members of the class to represent their teacher as a superhero.

This was followed by an hour-long bonding session for teachers and their students to spend some time together. Most students and teachers sat with their classes in the Piazza, enjoying snacks and drinks, as they watched special singing and dance performances put up by students to liven up the atmosphere and show their appreciation for their teachers. Several other classes chose to play games like Frisbee, football and netball with their teachers.
The event then came to a close with the customary CJ House Cheers, where all the students in the different houses cheered with great passion and enthusiasm despite the obvious signs of imminent rain. Teachers’ Day is a yearly reminder for students to be grateful for their teachers who enrich their lives with knowledge and care, but, as the Student Council mentioned before the end of the celebrations, this appreciation should be felt all year round.