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Synergia: JC1 Orientation 2016

Text by: Khasnavis Ashrita (1T01)

“Synergia” encapsulates the idea that the whole is greater than the simple sum of its parts. With that being the core theme of this year’s Orientation, which was held from 29 January to 3 February, there was no doubt that the JC1 students felt welcomed into the CJ family, a community much larger than the individual self.

Stepping through the college gates, the JC1s were immediately welcomed and high-fived by the ever enthusiastic Orientation Group Leaders (OGLs). There was a nervous vibe throughout the Auditorium on the first day as the JC1s took in their new surroundings and the new faces around them. However, they would thaw out of their anxiety as they embarked on the Orientation journey. Split into Orientation Groups (OGs), the JC1s engaged in introductions and ice-breaker games. The OGs were organised into larger tribes Dorus, Ion, Achaeus and Aeolus, to which they participated in the respective tribe sessions when the OGLs taught them thundering cheers that left them in high spirits.

Before their dismissal on the first day, the JC1s were ushered into the Performing Arts Centre (PAC) for the Vice-Principal Mr Tan Jek Suan’s address, which set the expectations for the new batch of students. Mr Tan’s speech was followed by a series of informative talks by the college’s Subject Heads, discussing what the students would be in for if they selected the respective courses. The JC1s were then given the weekend to ponder their choice of subject combination, which they would experience over the Matriculation Week after Orientation.

The second day of Orientation on Monday 1 February was filled with a mix of excitement and anticipation as the OGs displayed their physical prowess in the intra-tribe games. They showed resilience, wisdom, courage and compassion - the values attributed to each of the tribes - as they engaged in friendly competition. The OGLs taught the JC1s the Orientation 2016 dance, which the latter enjoyed learning and swiftly picked up.

On Day 3, the JC1s made their way to Gardens by the Bay for a series of fun-filled activities. Seniors from the class of 2015, fondly known as the J3s, came back to lend a helping hand by leading the various station games. This was followed by a relaxing picnic at Marina Barrage where OGs shared snacks and enjoyed the view of the Central Business District (CBD) and Marina Bay.

The highlight of the final day of Orientation was the wet games, in which the J1s and their OGLs let loose and played with water gleefully. The last bonding session within the OGs was circle-time, in which each JC1 student and their respective OGLs shared their life stories. Thereafter, the OGs headed to the Auditorium for the grand finale.

The hall reverberated with cheers and shouts of students decked in various headgear and necklaces to symbolise their membership of their tribes. There was a culmination of energy during the signature Orientation mass dance, as everyone moved to the catchy tunes they had been practising to over the past few days. The Film, Sound and Video (FSV) Club also pitched in and presented them with a photo montage of the entire Orientation journey. The Orientation skit, performed during the finale depicted the theme of “Synergia”, showing the unity among the tribes, standing strong as one CJ family. Indeed, JC1 Orientation 2016 has brought students from different backgrounds to proudly identify themselves as CJCians.