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Think Careers & Higher Education Festival 2015

By Melissa Khoo (2T32)

With its inspiring call to ‘Be the Change’, the annual Think Careers and Higher Education Fest was a true eye-opener for our JC2 students. The two-day event saw numerous representatives from various career paths, as well as higher education institutions from around the world, visit the college to give our students a clearer understanding of what the future would hold for them.

Speakers came from a wide variety of different job sectors, ranging from banking and finance to media and the arts. Among them were several familiar faces as former CJCians, such as Ms Christine Tan, the anchor for CNBC’s ‘Managing Asia’,  Mr Dominic Lim, the Assistant Director of NCSS and founder of SPLAT!, Professor Tan Cheng Han, Professor of Law at NUS and Ms Teo Swee Lian, Special Advisor, Managing Director’s Office, MAS, returned to their alma mater to impart words of encouragement and advice to eager-eyed JC2s. The four sharing sessions allowed students to better understand the rigours of their dream jobs, through hearing the personal experiences of the respective speakers.

In addition to this, students were given the opportunity to visit booths set up by higher education institutions such as Lasalle College of the Arts and Japan’s Waseda University. Whether students planned to remain in Singapore to continue their educational journey or travel abroad to enjoy new experiences, there was surely a booth to suit their interests.

As the JC2s near a crucial crossroads in their lives, the Think Careers and Higher Education Fest was the perfect way for them to better decide on the path they wish to take after their ‘A’ Levels. From future lawyers to future journalists, eventual local university graduates to those who would graduate overseas, it cannot be denied that every student found the courage to be the change and become Thinkers with a Mission, Leaders with a Heart.