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We Light the Way: CJC Graduation Day 2015

By Megan Lee (2T03)

Celebrating the end of their two year journey in Catholic Junior College, the JC2s attended their graduation ceremony on 9 October 2015. 

The theme this year, "We Light the Way", symbolises the CJC flame that burns in each and every student as they embark on the last leg of their junior college education and prepare for the upcoming 'A' Level examination. 

The ceremony was held in the auditorium, where the programme began with a video montage. It depicted the many well-wishes of Home Tutors, subject tutors and Heads of Departments to their students, thanking them for their passion and perseverance in lessons as well as encouraging them to press on towards their examinations. 

CJC's Principal, Mrs Kong, gave a heartfelt speech, recounting the school events in the last two years and encouraging the cohort to reflect on their journey in the college, both in their academic progress as well as their character and leadership development. 

The two valedictorians, Seah Jit Sheng (2T23) and Ellysya Lee (2T32), representing the Science and Arts cohorts respectively, gave their own recounts of their learning experiences in CJC. In their speech, they expressed sincere gratitude towards their teachers and classmates for their unending support and love. This was followed by a heart-warming short film curated by CJC’s Film, Sound and Video Society. The film included footage from significant moments in the JC2s’ journey such as the CJ40 Carnival 2015.

The ceremony drew to a close with the lighting of the CJC flame, represented by candles given to each JC2 student and passed down from the House Captains to the Home Tutorial Councillors. The Home Tutorial Councillors then passed the flame on to the rest of the cohort. Twined around the candles’ base were handwritten notes of encouragement and congratulations from the JC1 juniors to their seniors. 

Following this, the Home Tutors pinned the special graduation pin of 2015 on to the collars of each of their students. In the shape of a dove, with the college's motto on it, the pin represents the Holy Spirit and God watching over the graduands in all their endeavours and pursuits. 

The graduation ceremony ended with some tears and many smiles, and although their time in CJC has drawn to a close, the friendships forged and lessons learnt will stay with the students for a lifetime to come.