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An education at Catholic Junior College prepares you for a changing university landscape and a whole life beyond school. Over the course of two years, we bring together a rigorous academic programme and a robust character education programme.

Here at Catholic Junior College, curiosity, imagination and a love for learning mean a lot to us. How we teach and how you learn are just as important as what you learn. That is why our teachers are guided by these core principles:

  • Higher-order thinking skills, such as evaluation and interpretation, in all subjects
  • Collaborative learning that harnesses students' strengths and develops new skills
  • Assessment that makes sense: assignments and tests reinforce learning

We see the importance of character and values in an interconnected, fast-changing world. We also want our students to apply and grow their talent in a real context.

  • A character and citizenship programme based on service and self-development
  • Leadership modules that build personal and social literacy skills
  • Service learning and attachment opportunities that put your qualities to the test
  • Career and higher education programmes that guide you towards your aspirations

The education of the whole person is our forte. In Veritate et Caritate.

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