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Academic Enrichment


Stock Market Game
The Stock Market Game is a week-long annual event organised by the Economics Department for the entire cohort. Participants are given the opportunity to buy and sell stocks from several fictitious companies in a simulated stock market. Daily news reports are released to mirror real-life events that might affect the share prices of the existing stocks. 

By applying their academic knowledge in Economics, students will be able to accurately predict the change in share prices and hence, make an informed decision whether to buy or to sell the shares. 

At the end of the week, two kinds of achievements are rewarded. The top 3 teams that manage to trade and earn the most in the stock market will earn recognition as CJC’s Top Traders. In addition, the top 3 teams that are able to provide sound economic analysis of the market situation through written worksheet submissions will be recognised as CJC’s Top Analysts.

Bangalore Student Immersion Programme
The Bangalore Student Immersion Programme is an exchange programme which allows students from Catholic Junior College and Christ Junior College, Bangalore, to gain a deeper understanding of how globalisation has led to different outcomes regarding the economy and society.

Catholic Junior College students involved in this programme will visit Bangalore at the end of the year. They will have a chance to attend lessons for subjects such as Political Science, Psychology, Economics and Sociology at Christ Junior College and interact with the students there. They will also visit the headquarters of Infosys and the Toyota vehicle production plant. Students will also have the opportunity to visit a rural village and a slum to be exposed to the context of the different environments and to interact with the people living in these areas.

Students from Christ Junior College will also visit Singapore in the earlier part of the year to learn more about the development of Singapore and our students will play host to them and bring them around. They will visit places like the Biopolis, the LTA Gallery, the URA Gallery, the Zoological Garden, Marina Barrage, Sentosa, Orchard Road, Chinatown and Little India. A student interaction dialogue at the end of the visit will see students from both sides sharing their views of what they have learnt in their visits to these places and gain insights from the different perspectives.


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Literary Evening

This enrichment programme is held annually for all Literature students. Through an authentic learning experience, students engage intellectually with key themes taught in their texts and put into practice dramatic techniques as they create their own plays and stage their own performances.

2014 Performance:
  • A prequel (2T18/19’s highly stylised The Broken Tower) and a sequel (2T35’s haunting Reverie Noir – A Tale Retold) to Tennessee Williams’ A Streetcar Named Desire 
  • Edith Wharton’s The Age of Innocence set in the aftermath of World War 2 (2T06’s cleverly scripted The Great Dream) 
  • Arthur Miller’s All My Sons interwoven with Williams’ Streetcar (2T01’s poignantly acted All My Desires)
  • A poetry slam (by the Drama Society) examining the various manifestations of division in the world today, and the complexity of identity, memory and beauty, among other notions

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Mathematics and Science

Mathematics and Scienceational Week
The Mathematics and Sciencesational Week is a collaboration between the Mathematics and the Science Departments to provide students with an opportunity to extend their knowledge in Mathematics and Science beyond the classroom.  It also allows members of the CJC Mathematics Society and Science students to hone their organisation and leadership skills, as well as allow students who have completed research or enrichment projects to showcase their ideas.

Several activities related to the application of Mathematics and the Sciences are held during the week.  Each activity has its own specific objective to cater to students’ different levels of interest in Mathematics and Science.  House points are also awarded to inject an element of fun.

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Science Enrichment Activities
Our students embark on a range of science activities, competitions and research programmes, on top of their core science H1 or H2 subjects, to further equip themselves with essential skills and knowledge necessary for higher education. Some of these programmes provide students with the rare opportunities to work with research institutes and universities so that they can make well informed decisions in their choice of study or careers after junior college.

Academic Competitions – for example, Rio Tinto Big Science Competition, Astrochallenge, Biology, Chemistry & Physics Olympiads. These competitions assess students’ knowledge of content beyond the syllabus. Students’ general knowledge and scientific skills are also being assessed.

Research Programmes with local universities and science research institutes – for example, Science Research Programmes (with NUS), Nanyang Research Programme (with NTU), SUTD Research Programme, Local Student Attachment Programme (with A*STAR).

Innovation competitions – for example, HDB Cool Ideas Competition, Google Science Fair, SembCorp Water Competition, Chem E Challenge, Singapore Amazing Flying Machine Competition. Students showcase their creativity through the development of ideas and prototypes.

Enrichment Activities – for example, Asian Science Camp, Aerospace Summer Camp (overseas), see NTU.Our students get the opportunity to develop their scientific communication skills as they engage in meaningful dialogues with prominent scientists or foreign students at these enrichment camps/ workshops.Leadership Development – through the organization and facilitation of the Math & Sciencesational Week for their peers and students outside the college. Students enthuse and encourage their peers through helping them see the relevance of science in their everyday lives.