1. The Empowered Teens (eTeens) programme aims to provide students with accurate information to help them make good decisions in their life choices. It raises awareness and knowledge about the following:

a) awareness of the different sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and HIV/AIDS;

b) modes of transmission for STIs and HIV / AIDS;

c) modes of protection against infection, specifically abstinence and the
correct use of condoms;

d) skills for decision-making, assertiveness, negotiation to say “no” to peer
pressure to have pre-marital sex; and

e) consequences and impact of STIs / HIV.


2. The eTeens programme comprises a mass talk segment:

a) The mass talk segment is conducted by a facilitator engaged by the Health Promotion Board (HPB) from an approved panel. The presentation follows an approved facilitation guide.

b) The duration of the mass talk is about 45 minutes. It includes a multi- media presentation, video screening as well as facilitation of key learning points.