Every CJCian a Leader. Whether in class, on campus, on the field, in the jungle or even overseas, every CJCian graduates as a leader in their own right. Our student development programmes and courses will give you an opportunity to realise and develop your leadership abilities not only for self but for college, country and the world. The leadership attributes which we endeavour to instil in all CJCians are based on our college's motto: In Veritate et Caritate (In Truth and Love).

Leadership Training Programme

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CJC's Leadership Training Programme is based on enacting social change, starting from the SELF, learning to work and inspire a TEAM towards the benefit of the larger COMMUNITY.

Every student takes ownership in developing his or her leadership potential. Focused on translating core leadership principles and equipping student leaders with tools to enact change and communicate confidently, our 2-year leadership programme involves: 

  • Leadership Training Camp
  • Leadership Conference
  • Leadership Circle
  • Class Management Committee Training
  • CCA Leader / House Captain Training
  • Conferences with CCA teachers, Home Tutors and House masters
  • Peer mentoring of junior leaders