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Pastoral Care

In ensuring your total well-being and development, Pastoral Care is central to the ethos and identity of Catholic Junior College.  Every CJCian’s emotional and academic well-being is a high priority to all teachers.

Based on the framework of Restorative Practice, the Pastoral Care program holds the building, maintaining and repairing of relationships as central to the dignity and worth of each student. 
Our unique Home Tutorial Programme also helps develop positive teacher-student relationships through the engagement of minds via thought-provoking and stimulating student development lessons. CJCians stay in their home tutorial classes for their entire tenure at the College with their Home Tutors as mentors and guides. 

The Pastoral Care Program also trains student representatives in conflict management, basic facilitation, counselling and other relational skills to support their own Home Tutorial classes.  
This creates opportunities for both teachers and students to relate, bond and grow in support of each other.